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Holiday Giveaway: Win A Dagger, But Don’t Stab Yourself
Fellow Repellows, I am coming out of my sabbatical for a short moment because it’s holiday season and I am all about delivering the gift of words. And weapons. Keep reading. 
It should be no surprise to you by now that as bona-fide Man Repellers, it’s our responsibility to feed, nay, bleed on jewelry that resembles violent weaponry. 
…See what I mean? Image via handheld device.
…See what I mean? Gilded shark bite win! Image via handheld device.
And because I (read: Shop The Far Out) love your asses so hard, we want nothing more than to see daggers strapped across your fingers. So behold: a holiday giveaway! Hooray!


Win your own Noir dagger ring and give a round of applause to the unique collaboration presented here: sword, spermicide and finger claustrophobia rolled into one piece of must-own jewelart.

All you have to do is follow Shop the Far Out on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook and then comment on this post right here with your e-mail address, explaining to me how you will use your new sword. Best use wins the ring, my heart and the satisfaction of knowing we have friendship-weapons.

So, get crackin’
Or should I say…slashin’…SLASHIN’ IN FASHION. You see, it just makes sense. 

Contest ends Wednesday at Noon. I will announce the winner via Twitter so if you’re not following me, now would be a good time to step into the time-line of my 140 character brain juice, or less.
Ready, set, stab!
(Short note: I’m sorry, international repellows, this contest is only open to US inhabitants. I will make it up to you with tap dance lessons of sorts in the future. This I promise.)
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  • Jessica G

    I shall use this sword to add an essence of violence and pirate to every outfit — it'll increase my swag!

    I need to win this double dagger ring so that girl's night will get a lot less scary! I won't have to worry about guys coming up to me if I have sharp weaponry on my fingers–I will be able to defend myself against all the smarmy men!

  • i would use this sword to threaten my husband with bodily harm when he doesn't understand that "i have a headache" implies an answer of NO.

  • This tiny dagger shall be used to carve my tiny initials gallantly into the flesh of all who dare to hit on / challenge me! Thou shalt not pass. Or you gon' get maimed.


    Obsessed with nOir! Seeing as it's my 23rd birthday on Wednesday (don't let this sway your judgment) and the end of my first semester at Parsons, I'm going to paint the town (blood) red with my swagger and this dagger. Obvs, the sword point will serve to prick the olives from my birthday martini, which I will probs end up buying myself since no man will approach me in my planned birthday outfit. Savvy?


    because becoming known as "that girl who brought her own cocktail sword" would substantially up my repellant level. cancel my nuvaring prescription, this will be the only ring i need.


    I would LIKE to say that I would use a dagger ring to threaten all the swarms of men chasing after me, but lets face it. A Man Repeller doesn't have these kinds of problems. I'll probably just use it to look suspicious going through customs or something. Or injure myself accidentally. In a fashionable way.

  • I will use it to open letters quickly during the day, and then spear the olives out of my cocktail by night. Dual uses!!


    I will try to stab myself with the dagger, and get no more than temporary redness.

    In the rare event that a man approaches, I shall use my happy dagger ring to scare him off by implying it will never come off. Ever. i.e. no one wants a mini dagger playing around their privates.

    If I get in a fight, the dagger ring will also serve the purpose of leaving an imprint on my victim.

  • Anonymous

    My repellent uses for this ring would be more of a grooming tool
    – Publicly picking food out of my teeth
    – Cleaning dirt out from under my nails
    – Scratching my psoriasis/bug-bites/flaky scalp

    Actually, for th e caliber of menin my town this may only be seen as foreplay… dammitall


  • id give it to Marcel the Shell the defend himself since he has no arm strength.

  • I would totally play swords with with this. You know like how you use to get the little plastic swords in a drink and then fight your friends with them…that would be me, but more bad ass, but it would be my ring and now some wimpy drink accessory. Hellz yeah. kgal (@)

  • Step One: Employ my giant cocktail rings as a shield
    Step Two: Band together all my man-repelling friends
    Step Three: Run down the streets of Chicago, looking fabulous and crazy, Braveheart-style.

    "they may take our sex lives, but they will never take our styyyyyyyyyle!"

  • I can use this sword in my all-girls catholic school to repel man getters!

  • With this sword of hotness I will…

    …promise to assist ANY and ALL fellow ManRepellers who are desperate for a quality BACK SCRATCH whenever fierce layering of fur, fishnets and burlap begin to make them question their extreme fashion ventures.

    …stay even more up to date on my Man Repelling possibilities via my phone, with the most kick-ass stylus at my fingertips…
    (PLUS no one would dare interrupt me while browsing with a sword in hand!)

    …continue my on going search for a parrot brooch, with the motivation that I will be one smoldering pirate of MRep-ing capabilities when the ensemble is complete. (ARGH)

  • I would use it to make scratches on the sides of buses and cars that get to close to me as I ride my bike, and stab unwanted customers when they want too many tastes before they buy.
    edwina dot gorey5 at gmail dot com>

  • Jac

    I would use it to cut down any man who appears to fancy me, with a flash of steel and quick thrust of the hand, letting him know the only sword coming near me is already on my fingers.

    *Secondary uses: lock pick in case I ever find a man worth removing my chastity belt for, negotiating weapon to be used to intimidate vendors when haggling over some gaudy/awesome vintage rhinestone jewelry at the flea market, and for when all else fails and a foolish man approaches using my lightening fast reflexes to carve the initials "MR" into his chest before I disappear into the night.

  • I have been a lover of skulls, swords and daggers for all of my 35 years. I could see many uses for this bad-ass ring!! 1. Stirring my cocktail, 2. jabbing my hubby on the side to get him to do things for me, 3. using it as a skewer to put my piece of strawberry under the chocolate fountain, 4. be stylish (obvs) and 5. to swashbuckle, of course! Arggggg!
    Angie (

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I would rock this sword with all of my inner pirate. Effe Vampires, gimmie some Johnny Depp, an eye patch and this sword ring.


  • Anonymous

    My friend Anne and I often have to resort to making shivs when emergency man-repelling circumstances arise. While we are highly skilled emergency shiv-makers, it can often be messy. Glass shards and bloody hands don't always go with our carefully chosen man-repelling outfits. With this ring, we won't have to make shivs nearly as often. (But still sometimes, of course. We're bad-ass like that.)

    Mary Mo

  • At the moment, I would use that fabulous ring to repel my ex, who has the worst habit of reappearing in my life at the absolute worst moments.

    Once that works, I would use it to duel with the likes of Johnny Depp or the Dread Pirate Roberts!

  • SAB

    I will rock the sword with my chainmail inspired necklace that nicely covers any decolletage I may have so that no man will look at me twice. Should a blind man who cannot tell that my sartorial choices are meant to keep him away attempt to make nice with me I'll have this sharp tool to set him straight.


  • I would use it to frighten the in-laws.

  • ps – my email address is

    forgot to post that part.

  • Love this ring! I would rock it with my bloody red nailpolish or use it to pick up cherries from a cake and put it into my mounth (: I know I'm not cool. I follow this shop on twitter (my twitter is and my e-mail is

    xox Patrycja

  • 1. To scare away the annoying girls.
    2. to man-repel
    3. use the edge to sharpen pencils
    4. cut off annoying loose threads on holiday sweaters.
    lol just kidding! …sort of?
    i'd def wear this with black/dark purple nail polish&a; motojacket.

    love you! xoxo

  • I fully intend on wearing this as a means of making the boys in my Material Science class leave me alone– probably something along the lines of: "If you don't stop making fun of shoes, I'm going to stab you with my ring! No! Really! I will! It's a DAGGER!" But, for the sole purpose of not being reprimanded by administration for possibly bringing a weapon to school, we'll call it "creative expression." Our little secret, I promise.


  • As a fellow south florida man repeller I would use this ring to fight off the horrid of the night. It is unfortunate but true, only strangest, most macabre things come out at night. Seeing as how I am a fan of the 3 ring, this would fit my collection quite nicely.


  • Anonymous

    Hi! I just wanted to tell you this is one of my favorite blogs as I see myself as a man repeller. When I saw this ring I automatically wanted to buy it.. even though I don't have enough money.

    I would use this sword ring to fight off all the men I attract (all meaning a small number) Although a man repeller doesn't need a ring like this to keep the males away it always helps, especially when it's FREAKING AMAZING.


  • I shall be using this sword interNATIONALLy, bitches. A job is taking me to Paris in a month from now, and we all know that the Frenchman, like a mutated virus, is extremely resistant to ordinary repellants.

    épée me, je t'en prie.

    sacha [dot] haworth [at] gmail [dot] com

  • This ringsword shall be used to ward of any men in search of my friend's vaginas (since I will be wearing a turband and a leopard print shirt, they will most definitely not be going for mine,) kick ass in any sort of thumb war/hand battle that I happen to find myself a part of, to inconveniently stab the ones I love/myself in the eye, and to help enforce any rules or boundaries I need to make known to my fashionally incompetent manfriends and classmates (unfortunately the menacing sound of my bonerkiller wedges does not do the trick by itself.)

  • Where do you need the ultimate, man repelling weapon? Vegas!!! I'm going there very soon and will need all the help I can get. The beer goggles are extra intense in Sin City, thus I'll be needing a sword much more than a new couture clutch. Thank you. XO Valerie


    Violent weaponry? Movement-impairing design? I'm in!!!

    I'd pair this ring with glock-colored nails and heavily studded combat boots for maximum man-repelling effect.

  • I'd probably use the ring to spear the olives out of my gin martini and then eat them off it.

  • As a true man repeller, I will use my new sword jewelry I won from the mother of all man repellers to poke, scratch and even stab any men that come in the way of my fashion and me.

    Evil? Check. Man repeller attitude? Check! 😉

    Waiting for you at


  • Anonymous

    Oh, there are so many reasons why I need this ring. Shall I list some?
    3. The need I feel for this ring is similar to that of a fat kid's need for cake.

    2. My boyfriend needs another reason to burn my wardrobe. This won't go over well if we're caught in a moment of mad passion (but then again, all of my clothes prevent that). Not that that's ever stopped me.

    Number one on my list of reasons?

    1. Because Santa promised me something sharp and pointy this year, and because I'm not getting Micheal Jackson's nose, this is probably the next best thing.

    Dude. You're awesome.
    Caroline O.

  • Protecting myself and The Dread Pirate Roberts form the Rodents of Unusual Size. When I say unusual I mean tiny.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I will use my weapon to chop up my tank top to turn into a crop top which I will overly layer with, use the scraps to make a turband, and of course stab any man that comes near me (where I will then steal his sweater and/or oxfords) Easy enough.

  • I would use this ring by adding it to my collection of items that i carry when walking around the city for self defense. Right now i have a wine bottle opener and a whistle from when i was a life guard… for halloween, so i think the ring is just the next step to be totally safe wherever i go.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I will most likely pair this ring with the abundance of highly repulsive holiday sweaters I've inherited from my mother (HumanRepelling) She's an elementary school music teacher so you know they're good- bows, bells… the works. I would justify this outfit by saying the sweaters are "vintage" and wearing a pair of skinny jeans and this ring. I think I need this ring more than anyone to save me from fully consuming myself with holiday-ness, i.e. wearing the matching holiday jewelry my mother has so graciously passed on to me (dangly earrings with santa's head at the bottom)

    In addition to the sweaters, please gift me this ring so to save my 17 year old self from chasing boys and french manicures. I need to build a strong base of man repelling apparel to eventually master the art of man repelling.

  • Anonymous

    This Thursday and Friday I am presenting in a review about a spacecraft. Really. A certain … uh, thing on wheels, that might bring something back from a certain… planet. And the review board is all men. And they are the experts. And know it. And like to make sure you know it (some of them are very, very smart, I must say). And I have to tell them why doing this is hard.

    While I am highly witty ("You don't tell them to put the solar arrays where the sun don't shine"), I would like to extend my rapier wit a bit further and have a second line of defense, hidden, should they come at me.

    This should do rather nicely.

    miss chic space at yahoo dot com (kill the spaces, so to say), @chicspace

  • missari22[at]yahoo[dot]com

    I'd use it to stab my friends in the front…only because i love them that much

  • The ring would be used as a DIY out-of-the-house-tool to create instant man repelling outfits by slashing and trashing clothes (grunge chic). I could also man-repel the shit out of any possible suiters, ie. they will be pricked by the ring. Let's just say I've always been a man repeller, but my deadly jewels are seriously lacking.
    Oh it's my 21st birthday on Friday, and I need to look deadly to celebrate once exams are done.


    twitter: ambernikaka

    I would use this sword to lorena bobbit anyone who looks at my turband or non-prescriptive lenses wrong. Or to put me out of my misery this finals week. And by put me out of my misery I mean stare at it for countless hours imagining all of the lady boners my man repelling friends would have jealously eying my new weapon of celibacy.

  • I can definitely see how this could protect you on the subway. : )

  • Anonymous

    I am following Shop the Far Out on Twitter 🙂 And of course, I follow you. My twitter name is scmoran. Thanks!


  • I will be using the dagger to fend off my 4yr old boy who would DIE for such a super cool ring.

    Bea (bapple1979 on twitter) rob_bea [at] msn [dot] com

  • I think a sword would pair nicely with my favorite faux-bear teeth necklace (remade 80s costume jewelry, say what?!) for a night out on the town. No doubt I would also forget and wear it to work where I would continue to confuse my hippie coworkers at my nonprofit job.

  • Damnnit all, I forgot an email. Fail.

    kat.mceachern (at) gmail dot com

  • Anonymous

    I would pair this amazing ring with a silvery tank top, oversized plaid flannel, 90's tom petty flowered hat, maxi skirt, black biker boots, my usual contraceptive glasses and enough black eyeliner to make people think I'm a chimney sweep. I'm going for the interplanetary grunge pirate look of someone who would get off at the Graham stop on a Brooklyn bound L train and not get hit on, even on a Friday night at Union Pool.
    Abstinantly Yours,

  • I don't like my boyfriend. I would wear that shit and love it, and eventually he would break up with me! score.


  • Amy

    As the sole female in an office full of guys, man repelling is a daily necessity. The ring will help fight them off, and be perfect accessory for my supervillain style!

    mydirtymouth (at) gmail dot com

  • I would use the ring to :
    1) threaten any creepers on public transportation
    2) use it in addition to dirty looks when my boss asks me to get him coffee
    3) make pretty much every outfit way more awesome
    4) spread the word about how great your blog is when people compliment it!


  • The email is

    1.To consider the possibility that as I casually pass crowds while wearing the ring, I may not be Man-repelling, but by god I'm Man-stabbing.

    2. I would also consider The great opportunity to LARP one of these days. not only that, but possibly be regarded as such when walking downtown while wearing the ring.

    3.But mainly to wear in hopes to strike up a conversation. With such a great piece, reminiscent of the dagger that killed poor old helpless snow white, there are bound to be some heads turned.

  • May

    Not only will I obviously use this as an additional form of birth control (stay away from my vagina, or I'll poke your peen), but it would come in handy cleaning my teeth as a toothpick, stabbing hors d'oeuvres at holiday parties, and starting mutinies.

  • I will use it as both sword AND shield… (and thank you kindly for the opportunity to use my favorite saying in a most incongruous "fashion"!)

  • I will wear the sword ring on my right hand when going out, because I'm happily married, but apparently a wedding ring doesn't deter most guys! I need a real weapon that is portable and pretty; hence I need the sword ring! Hope I win…

  • I would use this ring to scare off my boyfriend. I've been looking for a nice way to break up with him. I think after a few stabs of this ring, he'd get the point, leave without awkward break up convo, and be on his way. Happily ever after.

  • I'd use the sword to carve my initials in my vagina shoes if it weren't for the fact that I live in the UK. I'll probably just go have sex now instead or something.

  • emilyyyyyyyy.

    i would use it to, slowly, kill ke$ha.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.



  • Who needs floss when you have a sword ring?! I'd use this little bugger for any stray spinach strings stuck in my pearly… off-whites after lunch, whilst checking out my reflection slash gazing longingly in the windows of mag mile shoppes.

  • Sloane

    I will use this ring to swear in knights to my holy order on-the-go. It'll be much more convenient than the broadsword and will compliment my cape beautifully.

  • Okay okay so I would put this ring on and then when I'm out at bars if a guy comes up to me that I don't want to talk to I would hold up my fist like I was going to do a fist bump (but not too close to his face) and then start singing "CAN'T TOUCH THIS!" at the top of my lungs and doing the shuffle dance back and forth while pulsing my fist at him.

    And since I would be wearing Hammer pants (aka HAREM pants) he would get that this was thematic element of my life.

    A Better Roni

  • Becca Barton

    I would use this ring/sword to fight off any weird guys that may hit on me while I'm out. Oh, wait.

    Well, I guess I'd use it for Pirates of the Caribbean reenactments then.

    Becca Barton

  • I would use this ring as a dildo because I've been man-repelling for so long, even a skinny little thang such as this would be better than what's been going on down there – ie nothing.

    s0786824 at (don't let the .uk fool ya, I'm still a us inhabitant)

  • Anonymous

    In the event that I win said lovely dagger I plan on wearing it as an easy-access defense mechanism. It would also compliment my cat ring and pikachu ring.
    I love your blog 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I would use it stab fruit and put it my cocktails. It looks like those little neon swords they use at tropical themed bar. Convenient since I've turned to drink to replace men.

  • Love it!!!! I became a fan on Twitter 🙂

    I would flash this ring in people's faces at work when they piss me off.

  • to stab "cocktail" weenies at all the holiday parties i will be attending/ getting arrested at. muah!

  • Anonymous

    I would use this ring to enhance all the lady boners surrounding me, whilst being the most man repellent lady ever. My steez would bring all the girls to the yard and my ring would stab all the boys away. I'm already going to have a lonely christmas, may as well have the cool metal on my fingers to keep me warm (?).

  • Certain men can be analogous to poor, unfortunate souls;
    they are eels, they are pigeons; and thus men I must repel.
    No real use for society except kicking them out of your way.
    They’re over-populating our sidewalks, and so we must rebel!

    “It’s not that I don’t like your outfit, I don’t understand it.”
    How philosophical of you, pigeons! Can’t you just keep away?
    At the expense of wearing turbands and upholstery;
    A nominal fee I’ll pay, to steer clear of pigeons, my birds of prey.

    As I drip in sharp objects, I serve not one purpose, but two:
    I look fabulous on the 6 train, and yet I manage to keep you afar!
    The silver dagger will reflect the gleam in my eye,
    As you’ll gasp in horror! You don’t want to have a scar (now do you…)

    If you loathe my style, then why don’t you retreat to some
    sinking piazza in Venice, where all of you pigeons belong!
    *Leandra, if you pick me, I have musical talents galore;
    I’ll turn this thing into a man-repelling anthem of a song!

    Not only will my Shop Far Out sword double ring make men retreat,
    it will also serve as a doll-sized utensil, cutlery for my delight!
    As I’m going to need a miniature-sized fork and knife
    when I cut up my cooked pigeon for dinner tonight.

    -Julia Hussman, student by day, poet by night,

  • Anonymous

    love the ring! its so….boner-chillingly awesome?

    i would use it to…well. i don't have any men who are attracted to me or show interest in me at all whatsoever so the ring wouldn't make much of a difference there…(I've got MRing covered to a T;))
    well. guess I'll just have to use to shock the sperm out of any weener that dares wag in front of my…sigh, boy-crazy friends who i am currently in the midst of trying to convince of the finer qualities of man-repelling. basically, they don't understand the way I dress.

  • Colette Bloom

    Having struggled for eight years to be an adequate fencer (fencing being the most man repellent of sports aside from women’s wrestling) I would say I’m fairly proficient with a sword. And no, that’s certainly not a euphemism.

    The ring would also perfectly compliment my collection of accessories that resemble weaponry, which includes a grenade handbag, studded cuffs to ward of suitors, and a vintage Prada 3D gun t-shirt, as well as my other repellent standards like (prescription) BCG’s, combat boots, and an extensive collection of lumberjack flannel.

    I think it’s safe to say the ring would be right at home in a haven of sexual draughtiness and female empowerment by default.

  • I would pair this ring with animal finger gloves so that my hands are warm, well protected, stylish, and well equipt to have mini animal war puppet shows on the dinner table to my man-date's embarrassment.

  • I would pair this ring with animal finger gloves so that my hands are warm, well protected, stylish, and well equipt to have mini animal war puppet shows on the dinner table to my man-date's embarrassment.


    I will valiantly use this mini sword to ward off any man who insists a wear a simple LBD and heels. No I say! I will wear flannels, and tutus, and wedged sandals with socks, and I will do it all simultaneously. Good day, sir.

  • Claire

    I would use this ring as a third line of defense against any male who has not been sufficiently deterred from pursuing my affections after my first line of defense: wardrobe, and second line of defense: being a women's studies major and *gasp* feminist (seriously, guys are so confused by that, it's hilarious)

    Wearing this ring I would also become my three year old cousin's clear favorite cousin (because weapons are awesome and he loves me despite my man repelling ways.)

    claire dot rothe at gmail dot com

  • florence

    I'd wear it when going shopping on those 60% off the entire store days. While in line waiting for dressing rooms, i'd slowly tear to pieces the zamazing unicorn shirt that has just the right amount of fringe and florescence that some keener ripped from hands. If i can't have it (to wear with my 80's white suede jacket) nobody can. <3

  • the weaponry would be used mainly for warding off members of the opposite sex, secondly for cutting tags from new clothes, and lastly for causing lady boners.

  • omg pick me.
    i need to be single.

  • Anonymous

    To make sure this happens every single day.

  • This dagger will be a daily reminder of my CRUSADE to:
    1. get a real job so that
    1a. I have enough money to buy sweet stuff
    1b. I can take my boyfriend out to dinner (for a sexy change)
    2. eat more greens
    3. sew fringe onto more items in my closet
    4. have more courage
    5. cut back on time spent watching Star Trek: TNG on blinkx
    6. not take any sh*t from anyone

  • Anonymous

    I had to say this:
    One ring to fool them all, two rings to blind him.

  • Anonymous

    First timer here!

  • i want this sword ring so i can spar and defend myself from my hamster when he's climbing over my hands.
    flyingcupcake [at]


    First of all, this would be worn on my right hand, preferably to places where it is appropriate for me to shake the hands of many people, as a silent-but-universally-understood nod as to how bad ass I (and company) am (are).

    However, more importantly, with this ring, I thee wed – no, wrong occasion – with this ring, I can randomly say: My name is Indingo Montoya. You killed my father; prepare to die…in the most lighthearted tone I can muster, of course. (I already do, but there will be less judgment if I have an appropriate accessory. My pirate costume foam sword is a little too conspicuous to lug out in public. Plus, I don't have a holster for it)

  • I would obviously use this ring to slice pickles.
    I'm @culinarybliss
    aliciaambler AT gmail


    As a man repeller, I have increased my chances of man-repelling by working in a women's rights office. To add to this, I am one of the few here who is stylish and stand out because of that. I wish to use this ring to not only continue my man-repelling, but to women repel all those here who don't understand the things I wear, that you can be a fighter and fashionista at the same time.

  • haleyg

    i would use a sword ring to fish maraschino cherries from my shirley temples and to engage in impromptu duels because one must always be prepared for such things.

  • Clearly, I'd be using the sword for swashbuckling — what other use is there? In other words, I'd be saving dons in distress, namely those perplexed by the audacity of my pinning two of my fingers together with a swashbuckling implement.

    Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

  • Spear Swag Necklace is great.

  • ps- i forgot in my furry to comment that the sword will be put to good use stabbing my bf in the butt when he's bad!!!

    man officially repelled!!!


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