Who Wore it Best: Paisley Prints

It’s no surprise that mixing bold prints is one the latest and greatest in dick deflecting fashion trends and so, as Man Repellers, it’s our job to exploit, ridicule and engage in the the excessive nature of said trend. 

 image via Refinery 29

That said, this installment of Who Wore it Best has not much to do with the above tidbit but rather draws inspiration from a bed side trend, if you know what I’m saying.

Oh, you don’t? To quote the very eloquent Antoine Dodson, You are so dumb. You are REALLY dumb.

In any case, here’s a photo of me posing like a baby fetus.

image via Chuck Grant, blouse: Chanel, jeans: J Brand, shoes: Miu Miu

Oh, look at me, I’m a baby fetus leaning on my inner shins! Do inner shins exist? Did I just make up a body part? I slay myself. 

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m deliberately wearing my paisley print top against a Persian rug with leopard print heels (and my temple topper) to really exaggerate the print concoction present. Dig deep inside yourselves now, fellow repellows, and tell me: who am I emulating?


or What?
Have you figured it out?
How about now?
Are you ready to meet the contestant up against me?

Is the anticipation starting to kill you?
This may or may not result in one very anti climactic moment.

Here he is:

A paisley print bed spread!

This is not my bed, nor does it belong to any of my family members or friends. I feel like a BED INTRUDER having pulled it off a random website, talk about an invasion of privacy, but I love you guys, so, I’m willing to invade privacy to induce even the littlest smirk from you hunks. 

And now back to the initial question, who wore it best?

Image via Naomi Shon

I should let you know, by the way, that this Chanel blouse is vintage…so vintage it’s from ruling era of Coco, herself.

About two years ago my great grandmother asked my mom to help her convert addresses from one phone book to another and in return, she offered her this blouse. My mom then offered it to me because I threatened to punch her if she didn’t.

Ultimately, I wanted to act as camouflage with my mother’s bed spread and thought it would be a good experiment in learning to blend in. 

So tell us, fellow Repellows, WHO WORE IT BEST?

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  • paisley and persian clash with a little leopard sprinkled in…is it even a question who wore it best?


  • I don't know this time. It's just too close to call. The bed is really working SO HARD.

    (of COURSE you win! I mean, hel-LO!! Those shoes. Yes.)

  • Pshhh. The bed isn't wearing a hat. You win, hands down.

  • I was leaning towards the bed, but your baby fetus pose totally won me over. You owned it! Besides, who could pass up leopard print heels???

  • Gosh, your posts are so hilarious!!! xDD
    Happy holidays!

  • Love your shoes, but the bed wins.


    Happy holidays!!!!

  • Your blog is so hilarious! Love it!

    I think the bed did.

  • Umm, you did!! How could you not with vintage Chanel (hope your mother wasn't harmed in the process of you snatching it out of her possession).

  • You win, the bed could never pull those shoes off!

  • Your shoes gave you a leg up over the bed.

  • hahah, gosh, I think that bed is an excellent man repeller


  • So I realized as I shop for holiday gifts that all I want to give my friends is the gift of Man Repelling. You better be working on writing a book titled, "The Guide To Man Repelling" so I can gift it to all of my friends!!!! They will surely get lady boners.

  • Recently saw your article in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar which had me cracking up, as per usual.

    Digging the shoes lady.

  • I'm gonna go with the bed, because I think hypothetically you could win over a straightgay louse with vintage Chanel, but once he saw the bed he'd be like aw, hell no.

    You can run and tell that.

  • T

    You win. The bed doesn't have enough pillows. Everyone knows that the number of pillows on the bed is directly proportional to its man-repelling power.

    You look radiant, btw.

  • Eli

    No bed intrusion here! Nobody's climbin' in a manrepeller's window snatching anybody up…at least not while they're festooned in awesome paisley. You win. BTW: you match my sofa. my fave Antoine Dodson bit of wisdom is "hide ya husband, they rapin' errbody out hurr."

  • Thought going through my head right now: how have I not known about your blog!? You're very funny and what a sense of style you have! I shall return.

  • LOL you may be my hero among fashion bloggers just for quoting Dodson haha epical and awesome oh and comparing yourself to a bed spread was pretty chill.

  • Bed wore it bedder(BAM).

  • You did! Pretty! You won't repel any men looking like that. 🙂


  • Ana

    Hands down you win!

  • neither won because we all know…

    as sure as i am that nobody looks good in paisley….

    says the GREAT Elle Woods!!


  • you're nuts and i like you

  • You, but just because bed intruders always steal my heart (vintage Chanel might have something to do with it too).


    P.S. You've got some serious man-repelling competition over at johnnysbird.com. One look at these girls made me think, "Oh shit, MR's in trouble!"

  • Hmm let me think… I guess I'll choose.. Hm. Difficult. Eh… Well… Eh…

    YOU! (o surprise surprise)

    I absolutely adore your blog, keep on going with the good stuff!



    PS The link between Antoine Dodson and 'the bed intruder' is great 🙂

  • Wow. I love your outfit, it's so gorgeous! I love paisley, very 70s.

  • you have a great writer's voice! Showing some blog lovin from a fellow journalist and fashion lover. =)

    ps your baby fetus pose is lovely and i'm uber jeals of your leopard miumius.

    following you starting today!

  • aggh… every post you just confirm my own man-repelling status more and more… I LOVE clashing prints… no wonder men run screaming from me whenever I leave the house (OK it's not exactly that dramatic, but they don't exactly come running towards me either… haha)

  • Obviously you did. But I'd really like to see it on your mom, too. Just to be fair.

    I just snorted reading this:

    My mom then offered it to me because I threatened to punch her if she didn't.

  • I need those shoes in my life right now. I would tell both my mother and grandmother a resounding "thank you".

    You're writing voice is great and the outfit came together well, repelling and all.


  • Paisley is soooo underrated. Vintage paisley is even more underrated. One of my absolute favorite tops is a high-neck silk turquoise blouse (with splashes of orange, deep violet and red) stolen from my mother's closet. It has a strange boxy look, but balanced out with some denim cutoffs, an oversized necklace and chunky boots, I'm good to go. Thanks for making this ode to paisley– it deserved it!

  • surprisingly paisley can still work 🙂

    African Music Charts

  • Ooh, I love the paisley bedspread! I have a paisley silk robe that I inherited from my dad (not sure why he had it to begin with…) but I love it. So comfy and colorful!