Who Wore it Best: DIY Your Own Paper Margiela
Paper pants and open toe booties: Maison Martin Margiela, image via 5inchandup

While I do often associate crafy DIYing with none other than Erica Domesek of PS I Made This, this installment of Who Wore it Best draws inspiration from the human representation of my mission statement across the pond…Man Repeller’s UK Brand Ambassador, if you will. And since I already credited her blog in the above photo, the jig is up. Say hello to Sandra of 5 Inch and Up.

Holy drop crotch onesie and floral Miu Miu clogs, where did you hide your lady bits! …Fipping through the pages of 5inchandup, several graphic pictures, like the one above, depicted a sincere and severe case of chronic man repelling. Even so, I couldn’t stop thinking about the paper goods pictured at top. 

I therefore thought it necessary to deliver a quick three step crash course in DIYing your own paper Margiela, because while yes spending thousands of dollars on paper clothes is fun, making it yourself is funner. With a ‘ner.

Step 1: Start with a nude bodycon slip dress.

 Sorry, I had to omit the personal photo, you could see my real life crotch in it. And that is not suitable for work, life, or the MR-savvy eye. In other words, my mom made me do it.

Step 2: Paste (using double sided Scotchtape) five pieces of plain white print paper across your bodycon dress.

(They’re pictured above but you can’t see them because they’re plain and white, duh. Use your bean.)

And last, Step 3:

Stand in your kitchen to portray a sense of realness re: the DIY and craftiness components of this fun project. Pair your paper dress with pony heels. Eat almonds if necessary. Don’t flash your pearly whites, it’s what Margiela would have wanted. 

And finally, ask yourself: Who wore it best?
A. Sandra

B. The Margiela Models

Or C. ME!

Do note that I double-sided scotch-taped paper to my body and sat on a kitchen counter in a compromising position for you. Stray papers fell off my body. I had to bend down and pick them up. As I picked them up, more papers fell. At one point, my twenty four year old brother came into the kitchen with two friends while papers were sprawled across the floor and I was trying to paste them back. They scratched their heads and turned around. I heard one say “she’s getting weirder.” I think he meant wonderful.

Basically, what I’m saying is: choose me. After all, I just taught you how to make your own Margiela in the comfort of your own home.
And the lesson learned is grand: all it takes is the contents of one printer and a dream.

On an un-paper related Margiela note: Today in oxymoronic but utterly perfect fashion finds…

It’s cold outside. Let your toes run free, little ones. 

…And here I go again. Shameless plug alert: Extra! Extra! Read all about me in The New York Times, TODAY. 
Fashion Triumph: Deflecting the Male Gaze 

shoes: YSL, pants: J Brand, feathered t shirt: Pencey, trench vest: Fulton,  photo credit: NYTimes
Fun fact about this photo: While standing between two columns, practicing my second best Mr. Peanut pose, I asked the Times photographer what I could have imagined she was too shy, but overtly interested to know: do you want to pet my feathers?

As suspected, the answer was yes.
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