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Shopbop Wishlist, Now Live

In partnership with Shopbop.

Evidently, Going on hiatus is not for me and while I have copious pages of paper to write in the next 48 hours, I shall take a short break to a. remind you to enter my Stab Yourself with A Dagger Giveaway and b. give you an opportunity to shop my favorite looks, being featured on Shopbop right now as I type these words to you. 

That’s my name, don’t wear it out. The illustration is by Dallas Shaw. I am wearing a white button up, Alexander Wang’s tweed mullet skirt, black thigh highs and Opening Ceremony’s furray wedge bootays.

Above, the top six items Shopbop featured from my overall ten picks. 

Below, reasoning behind my choices…Though the answer to each could have been “because I want to procreate with you, [insert brand name here.]”

He ha ho ho ho. And now, the rest of my picks:

Buy them all in one shot here…or one at a time in the same place, here.

And finally, read the very short Q+A I did with the ladies of Shopbop on their blog, HERE.

Don’t forget yesterday’s contest to win my heart a nOir dagger ring runs until tomorrow at Noon. Get stabbing.

…Actually one last thing while I’m still aggressively engaged in tooting my own horn, take a peek at seven of my must-haves right now a la Charlotte Ronson here. 

I don’t have a PR team, ok. Cut me some slack, I’m just trying to spread the gospel. 
I love you, tweet me!

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  • Looove the illustration of you, so chic and repellertastic at the same time. Thigh high socks forever!


  • Anonymous

    Coincidently you can find 3 of those listed at

    1) Crew neck sweater w/leather patch details

    2) Army button-up

    3) Proenza Schouler PS.1 Large Tote

    Oh dear, my mistake, the last one (aptly named Colette) is in my closet!


  • you're a great preacher, love your sermons!


  • @anonymous I'll trade you any of my limbs for #3. Whaddayasay?

  • Ria

    So glad for you, you crack me up. So well deserved.

  • Do they KNOW you're actively repellin'?!

  • Anonymous

    loved your shopbop picks!

  • That open toe bootie with the red heel is cool, might have to order it myself!

  • The Ellery skirt is a serious style ninja. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhhh, so is that Chloe cape!

  • So exciting! I'm from Delaware (jealous much?) and just read an article about Dallas Shaw in a local magazine, so extreme congrats on that collaboration on both your parts.