Getting Street Styled Part II: A Lesson in Layering

I imagine that after taking a cue or two from my first installment of Getting Street Styled, your efforts at standing against brick walls waiting for wo/men with enormous cameras around their necks have become far better received. And in the event they haven’t, that’s weird, you may want to reconsider your lip color. 

In any case, because you crazy kids seemed to lurve the first photo tutorial, I thought it smart to ride my own wave of success and exhaust use of the same concept enlighten you again with another round of Getting Street Styled. This time, taking a particularly close look at one of the more important elements involved in perfecting the art of man repelling: layering. Because jeans and t-shirt just won’t cut it if you want to continue on in the race to learn whose lady bits can stay unkept longest. After all, man repelling means a break from bikini waxing so bring on the fur head piece. (Please do note the crass pun hidden in the subtext here.) And despite the irony presented in the mere fact that I am about to summon three men...Scott Schuman, Phil Oh, Mr. Newton, if you’re reading this…snappy, snappy. Clicky, clicky. I’m waiting for you on Mott Street!

All images by Naomi Shon
t-shirt: Helmut Lang, jeans: Seven for All Mankind, flats: Chanel
Step 0: Start with a plain white t-shirt, jeans, and simple black flats. Look into the mirror, ask yourself “who is that?” Stick your pinky finger out of your right front pocket for dramatic effect.
Sheer silk crop top: Kimberly Taylor

Step 1: Let the layering begin. I suggest you use a crop top so to have your first two layers at different lengths. Extra Repeller points if its sheer, this reminds the mangoes that our desexifying capabilities are uncanny…tragic, if you will.

Plaid button up: Vince, compliments of my brother. He’s 24, single and related to yours truly. Tweet him for a good time!

Step 2: Add a plaid flannel, flash your bright whites. Kurt Kobain inspired lumbersluts, unite.

Silk floral blazer: Zimmermann

Step 3: Take apart your grandmother’s curtains, sew them into one cohesive blazer. Place over your flannel. Fold flannel sleeves over floral sleeves. Pat yourself on the back, in just three steps you’ve already ventured into the territory of incoherency. Look down at your feet, vow to veto the black flats.

Shoes: Alexander Wang

Step 4: Add birth control glasses. Douche bag points for non-prescriptive lenses. Now you’re channeling Kurt Kobain, your grandmother’s curtains and the human contents of the Brooklyn-bound L-Train.
Step 5: Trade the fancy flats for a pair of bomb-ass wedges. Bonus points for ankle straps that may or may not create the illusion that even your skinniest jeans can obtain harem tendencies.

Necklace: TOMTOM Jewelry, Forefinger ring: Low Luv x Erin Wasson, Second ring: TOMTOM Jewelry

Step 6: Add several violent weapons, have them double as jewels. If you are prone to poke your own eyes out, breathe a sigh of relief. Your BCGs will protect you.

Turband made with Hermes scarf
Step 7: Strike your best Mr. Peanut pose, have your face emulate an emoticon, place a DIYed turband around head. You look like an asshole and it is fantastic. Do not travel above 14th Street.
Step 8: Embrace your perpetual smile. You are wearing birth control glasses, multiple printed layers in several different fabrics, shapes and sizes, and a home-made turband in one single outfit. 
High five yourself. We’re standing under the mistletoe alone come Christmas!  
Psych, just you are. 
I’m Jewish. 
But I’ll still toast the turbans, cheers to cheetah, wine to wedges, and clap to culottes with you. It would be unbecoming not to.
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  • HA love this!!! Your so witty which makes reading this so enjoyable! Love the idea of a cropped shirt over a longer shirt with a button down plaid shirt! I love love your wedges too. Perfect dowtown (you're right nothing above 14th street) and Williamsburg look here! lol

  • Handsome

    That Vince flannel is DOOOOOPE!!!!
    Your bro must be a legit guy.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, meet @HandsomeHaim. ^^^

  • "Birth control glasses" hilarious!

  • oh i love. oh i love so much. oh i love TOO much.

  • This was hilarious "BCG" and I love the idea! Those rings are amazing πŸ˜€

    Love Ellen from WeAreTheCrowd

  • sexy. Can I come join your nosex party?

  • LOL "You look like an asshole and it's fantastic" yay as if my ability to look constantly constipated and bitchy needed help now I know all I need to do is add a turban thank you for wisdom. Now I'm off to tweet your brother for a good time. He's only a year younger than me πŸ˜‰ haha.

  • aaaa I want to wear Step 2 right now

  • I love the twitter shout out to the brother – gonna tweet him now πŸ˜‰ hehe


  • Jac

    AHAHAHA! You crack me up.

  • I know you're trying to repel, but it actually ends up working and I'm just wondering if you may actually get hit on by guys who fancy your style.

  • i always read your posts out loud to my roommates — its so funny ahhh

  • Dear Man Repeller,

    Brilliant as always! I've got my Kurt Cobain flannel on right now! I thought WWMRD as I was getting dressed this morning.

    A West Coast Follower

  • Anonymous

    is hipster synonymous with repeller?

  • I love your style.great blog

  • you are so fantastic that i cant stand it lol. this was epic

  • I think if you wore dark (maybe striped?) socks with your wedges, we'd see you in The Sartorialist pretty much immediately.

  • Hahahaha working.

  • ohmy! this is my favorite.
    thank you for the inspiration!

  • hahaha, so enjoyable! Love the tutorials, it's quite funny how good you look in "man preffered" clothes and your own style!

  • Hollis

    Consistently hilare.

  • Mey

    Love ur blog, its so funny <3


  • Hal

    So glad I found you! Following now πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Loooooove that necklace and those rings!!

  • Literal LOL at "you look like an asshole and it's fantastic"

    To the anonymous commenter above, I've always claimed that you're not a real hipster unless your look is totally unattractive. It's got to border on homeless and/or mentally slow or you're just not doing it right.

    MR is obviously too chic for that. Hipster and fashionable are not always synonymous, anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    you're a genius #TFACQ

  • your blog is really funny.

  • ahha your writing style is awesome! I love it. I don't think I'm daring enough to look like an asshole though.. I may repel my boyfriend.

    xo L

  • there is no other way to say this: you are brilliant.

  • AHAHAHAA. Another great post. I love the birth control glasses

  • totally am copying the look!

  • love this. i want to have your babies.

  • Congrats! As I was reading this post, my 9 year old son walked by and said "she looks like a dork with those glasses". You're repelling more than just men, you're repelling boys too.

  • Anonymous

    i love you! thanks for a critique of the social norms of fashion, something you never see on the multitude of biased blogs out there.

    and always look fabulous despite your man repelling ways!
    my favourite part was the birth control glasses. hah!

    adena leigh xox

  • Make those granny curtains into a romper and you'll really be ready for the Brooklyn bound L!

  • Great outfits and the background is fantastic! You have a fantastic blog!

    Maryjane xoxo

  • Thank God, someone understand me!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  • hahahaha, I like the result of this outfit!

  • I'm feeling the birth control!! xx

  • Oh, my. I've only read one post in your blog so far, and I'm in love already! Finding a blog with fashion AND humour is like finding a unicorn. Actually, a unicorn with gold teeth and rainbow hair and a soundtrack of The Runaways playing mysteriously wherever it goes. I can't wait to go through your archive! πŸ™‚

  • I just recently discovered your blog and I think I might love you after reading this. Love your writing style, and will be following regularly!

    Plus, I kind of love this look, birth control glasses and weapon/jewelry and all. It works even though you are trying to repel.

  • Your posts always keep me laughing, thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I am officially and immediately obsessed with your blog. In fact, I've been man-repelling since HS… before I even knew the phrase existed.
    Cheers to dressing like a douche, and loving it. You m'am… are AWESOME.

  • wow!! i just stumbled on your blog from the nytimes article. love your style and your wit!

  • OMG…loving it. I'm still giggling. Love your style and your humor.

  • OMG… LOVE this post. Just started following your blog and I absolutely love it. Great job!

  • Anonymous


  • Molly H.

    so happy you used the term "Bomb-ass"as I have never heard another human other than myself utter these words

    your blog is brilliant and YOU my dear are fantastic….keep up the good (read: celibacy-inducing) work! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    man you are funny:)

  • This is great!!! I so love this post!


  • hahahahhaha i just died laughing…out loud of course. absolutely love the asshole-looking tendecies this outfit gives off (as you have stated). pretty much obsessed with the floral, plaid, and sheer combo. and even more obsessed with how effortlessly you put all of this together. I especially love the DIY turban since i posted about this not too long ago…behold–> < --check it. Thanks for the laughs and obviously the fashion.
    ..and im gone..

  • omg you're a riot – laughed my way through the article. Be careful of wearing those wedges with those jeans though because they look kinda sexy!

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  • Dorie {BrooklynSalt}

    Yes! Now I finally know how to wear my sheer black t-shirt. I always wore it over a black tank which made it disappear. Thanks for the layering tips, love em! This is the only fashion site I follow.