New Years Eve Wear 101

Because New Years Eve is but two nights away, I’ll offer a small bit right here and now about dressing the part for the occasion. It should be noted though, that in the lookbook of my life, every day is reason to decorate oneself in head-to-toe sequins.

Though I suppose on New Years Eve I could offer the prospect of perhaps adding bullets, ballons, spikes and studs. See what I mean? $62 at Shop Nasty Gal

…See what I mean? She don’t mess around, sister. $424 at Pixie Market a la Sass & Bide

Now that we’ve gotten through that rough patch (ba da ba, chhh!) let the shining begin! (Anyone? Anyone?) Tough crowd. 

Because I love you guys so hard, I took the liberty of creating my own version of the Canadian tuxedo, referred to as the New Yearz with a Z tuxedo going forward as there is no denim involved in this particular tuxedo but rather an uncomfortable influx of sequins.
In any case, behold:

A button up blouse a la Elizabeth and James paired with sequined harems by way of Alice + Olivia. You heard that right, Repellers. I said sequined harems and I meant it. Both available at Shopbop.

Those of you on the more experimental side may want to take a peek into Net-a-Porter’s closet.

Who knows, you may leave with a feathered merkin (for the uninitiated: a merkin is a pubic wig. Pubic wig, I tell ya. Pubic,) stapled to a sequined mini skirt and really, who would say no to a merkin.  
Lady Aldridge, I hope you’re reading. $495 at NET-A-PORTER.

Now, that was a lot to absorb. You may be scratching your head. That in turn may force you to start thinking about what you will wear on said head. I’ve got you covered.

Goodbye “Happy New Year” crown, hello sequined turband! Well, not a sequined turband per se, but the possibility is there and the price is nice. Its been reduced from $65 to $20. So, a $20 headband that may double as a sequined turban. Could you ask for more? No, the answer to that is a big fat no. $19.50 at The Outnet.

At Shop the Far Out, I found a tight mini skirt sans pubic wig that you may want to slip into come Friday night should you want to fornicate. Despite its sparkly nature, it truly may in fact kick start the mating process.

Easy access zipper, eh? eh? I just hope you’re not wearing your hairy panties…though if you’ve gotten vajazzled, I toterly understand. New Years Eve is a sparkle shit show, after all.  
$98 at Shop The Far Out

If however, painting sequins to your body just ain’t yo’thang, I understand. Find here, the Alpha Male of Man Repelling fashions.

If you’re not into using restrooms, this is an ideal place to store your bowel movements. And at $58, it’s steal of the century. Get yours here.

If you decide to take that plunge and lose contact with the contents of your nether region a la drop crotch pantaloonys, you will need this ring.

Because, you know, everyone should kiss something at Midnight. $44 at Shop Nasty Gal.

And finally, you may be wondering what I’ll be wearing…
Here she is: sweet Stella in all her glory.

Palazzo-panted unitard a la Stella McCartney from The Outnet.
And for outerwear: a silver Rag & Bone blazer tuxedo blazer, duh.

I know what you’re wondering but you are wrong, I will in fact wear my head out come NYE.

Cheers to us, fellow Repellows and here’s to one more year of celibacy, sartorial freedom, and Proenza Schouler.

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  • I'm actually hosting a party; sparkles are the theme. This post is therefore absolutely invaluable to me. And to think, I had no idea pubic wigs existed. You are an inspiration.

    All my best wishes for 2011.

    Jen x

  • Liv

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Liv

    Oops. Words are hard.

    There can never be too many sequins. With the right lighting you can repel by inducing seizures in your companion. Very handy!

    Awesome sparkly not-remotely-easy-access-how-the-hell-do-you-pee-or-have-a-quickie-jumpsuit thingy. Lady Boner!

    Happy New Year!xx

  • proenza schouler is right. <3

  • love those sequin alice + olivia harem pants!


  • that is hilarious!!
    Harem pants are so fugly

  • 😛 do you think they make panties with the spikes? That would totes be a mood killer, but awesomely amazing at the same time. Oh and really sequins on sequins? I want to see you rock that shiz.

  • Im gonna vom a little from that pubic wig. I do like the spikes though… Hot.

  • what is it with new years that gives us license to wear sequins head-to-toe? (this is a serious question lol)…anywho, i'm wearing a thrift (think it's from the 90's) purple velvet Jill Stuart cocktail dress, and sooo excited…it's definitely a man repellant dress, but I don't care, I love it..

    love your blog btw

  • Cheers to all Man Repellers!! Happy New year!!

  • My new years resolution is to become an expert at the sport of man repelling… a feathered merken should certainly do the trick! Thank you!!! 🙂

  • I hate harem pants and feel bad for anyone who feels the need to go merkin shopping, and yet, I can't stop reading your fashion tips! Maybe I'm a closet sequin addict.

    Happy New Year, Man Repeller!

  • I would like to just point out the horrific photoshop job on photo two. No one's head is that tall, even if it has been temporarily severed by one's headgear and then sewn back on.

    That said, I appreciate the merkin look, although technically they were usually worn by loose ladies to prevent nasty bugs from hiding in their nethers. Although I guess if we are hereby preventing the contact of anything to our nethers, then we well deserve to wear our merkins proudly out.

  • I am not sure how I only just NOW found your blog. It's hilarious and I love everything you have up here!

    Now, I'll just have to reconsider my outfit for New Year's Eve…I don't think my hairy panties will do after all (it's always nice to get a second opinion ;).

    Happy New Year!

  • i CAN'T believe i haven't come across your blog—now that i know of it's existence, i am going to dork out and check you ALL the time. you are so fing highlarious it's completely genius. i am obsessed with you man repeller. my favorite line of the day was the mid length skirt and something about amish and the jew within…..i mean….why don't you live in la? the funny girl is an enigma!!! you are amazing and I'm totally in love with your blog.

    ashley <3

  • Excellent suggestions, now please let us know what actually happened on your NYE ie were you as repellent as you had expected?!

  • happy new year!
    kisses from spain

  • All about the sequins and shine. I'm for sure going to replicate a NYE-esque outfit when I get back to school in the south… these frat boys won't know what hit them. You'll be proud.

  • I just want to glue sequins all over my body!!!

    Harem pants + sequins = AHmazing.

    And now I remember why Im single…

  • Anonymous

    Holy wow, I rocked some sequined harem pants on NYE! I was uber man repelling and I didn't even know it. Loved this article, as always.

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