Trend Spotting: Stolen from the Superhero, The Cape
image via kbcgeneration

It’s no big secret that capes have been among the most popular trends to surface this fall and while they are indubitably the least functional form of outerwear, they’re following us into the colder days of winter. Before we dissect the trend, It’s important to note that the cape dates back beyond Batman’s animated hey day. Elvis Presley, the king, rocked the cape. One of Man Repeller’s most chronic offenders, Carrie Bradshaw did it too.

Today though, we’ll look to style blogs for cape-spiration while we unite in our stray jackets capes to continue exploiting our inner Man Repellers. 
image via Fashionising

It started last fashion week in Paris. Because this particular city symbolizes the olympics of Man Repelling, I wasn’t all that surprised that Anna Selezneva was ahead of the curve, donning the shapeless silhouette months before the rest of us would. 

Liz of Late Afternoon wears a blogger and autumn favorite: the Zara camel cape. I will never understand why it is so difficult for personal style bloggers to just look into the camera. The jig is up, we know you know you are being photographed. Either way, it’s an outfit well done.

image via Style Copycat

I adore this look, but then again, I’m a man repeller. The navajo print on her cape compliments the pattern on her sweater well. I speculate she’s getting in the holiday spirit, channeling one side of the Thanksgiving story for the upcoming feasts.

image via Sartorialist

Oh, Scott Schuman. You never fail to disappoint. Nothing heats my loins more than a trench cape…except for a hat made of gloves! What are the chances this woman has a man friend? I’m betting slim to none.

Image via Style Copycat

This should sleep any speculations you may have had about a cape’s power to repel the opposite sex. Note that this woman is getting street style photographed while getting street style photographed. Not even my guide to get street snapped could accomplish this. Kudos.

Personally, American Girl Doll Samantha is my favorite of the caped crusaders. Plaid on plaid coordination and white fur wins copious Repeller points in the lookbook of my life. So trendy.

In the event however, you need a more comprehensive and effective method to repel the next time you don your cape…fear not, I’ve got you covered.

image via Chuck Grant
shoes: Chloe, socks: Missoni, pants: Opening Ceremony, sweater: The Kooples, cape: Zara

…Literally! In a cape and trousers! 
I slay myself.
Get a double dose of MR this week at HERE.

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  • I think I have those trousers.

    I am all over the cape this autumn (though mine is belted at the waist with "caped crusader" look from the back only. It looks awesome. Trust.)

    I am still single.

  • I think I'm in love with you ♥ But I'm a tranny…. so… unless you are into that…. then let's get it.

  • two thing – one, I'm disappointed not to see She-Ra in the superhero capery. Two – the glove hat takes the biscuit from the capes fro me. Wawaweewa!

  • Successful repel. That is bad. You are still a riot though! LOVE reading your blog.

  • I literally come here for the writing. No need for photos just your witty sarcasm is enough for me.

  • loving the entirety of your ensemble, what a doll.
    Great hat!

  • Can I say that, particularly in that fur turban, I kind of want to hump you? metaphorically, because I have no peen, and I, too, love the cape.

  • Anonymous

    you are definitely repelling in that last picture


  • Anonymous

    What is that hat? Real fur? Turban?

  • You look magnificent!


  • Was it you who recommended I've laughed so I cry for all the txt messages that come to the wrong person

    / J

  • Anonymous

    haha my mom and i are reading this and i think she just shit herself laughing. got any how-tos on prom attire? i don't want any guys trying to dance with me haha

  • piz

    and no word about blair waldorf.