Trend Spotting: Get Even More Yeshiva Chic With The Temple Topper

While popular trend “borrowed from the boys” continues to rule the runways, some ladies find themselves taking these masculine cues to new heights, Crown Heights, if you will. (Ba da ba, chhh!)

It started in 2006 with the boyfriend jean. During this denim style’s preliminary phases, ladies wouldn’t dare wear the sag-ass sans stiletto heel. As time progressed, I she got more comfortable with the idea of roomy jeans and thus wore flats. After listening to one too many Frank Sinatra records, my her wingtips emerged and alas: man jeans, man shoes, and the end of any and all simbiotic sexual activity.

Now though, it’s time we take a look at what goes on above the eye. We’ve been channeling religious figures (rabbis and pilgrims alike) with the reinvented felt panama hat, referred to exclusively as The Temple Topper going forward and it’s time  someone address it. I nominate myself to be she who addresses it.

Pendleton felt panama hat (at left), $60 at Opening Ceremony. Or you can stop by your local synagogue. 

And so, buttheads ladies in asshats tophats, right this way: 

Garance Dore conveniently positions herself between a bicycle and a motorcycle while flipping through camera photos as photo blogger man friend Scott Schuman snaps her street chic behind. That brim is pretty wide, so are her pants.
image via Hanneli
If Frank Sinatra were still alive, I often wonder how he would feel to know that women across the world are forfeiting their LTFs to emulate his style.
image via Hanneli
I call this one: siamese Jew twins
Blogger Frou Frouu is rarely seen sans temple topper, she often updates the look with John Lennon sunnies and bright red lips. She’s a street styler’s wet dream come true.
This one, taken from Photographing Real People is successfully channeling the yeshiva aesthetic from head to toe, cue the maxi dress.
image via Mr Newton
Multifunctionality win! Channeling professional parachuters (pants), rock climbers (the kicks,) and the Rabbinate. Well done.
What are you smiling about, Ciubecca?
image via Mr. Newton
Looky looky, she matched her temple topper to her Proenza Schouler PS1. 
Lady boner. Boner for ladies.
And finally, here’s a photo of me. I met a close friend for lunch last week. She was dressed like my wife. 
See below.
Hat by Pendleton, scarf by my mother vintage, floral print blazer by Zimmermann, leather trouser shorts by Club Monaco, purse by Valentino, brogues by Steven
One Hasidic couple, coming right up. Call us for a blessing!
For more Yeshiva inspired fashion, click here. 
obligatory disclaimer: I really, really, really, wanted to include an image of a Rabbi in this post, particularly because so many of them wear Birth Control Glasses, but having a Rabbi share a link with a woman in high waist denim booty shorts just seems wrong. Unkosher, if you will.
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  • lady boner wins it for me…(if she was holding an indianna jones style stock-whip instead of an iced tea she'd pretty much be perfect!)

  • I'm gonna just point out my favorite part of this post, but there were SO many….

    scarf by my mother vintage.

    Agree to omit the rabbi from the post. I'm sure you'd be trashed in the ortho blog world before shabbos.

  • Is it coincidence you posted this the same day I wore my hat for the first time…. or some strange otherwordly intervention?

  • Maura

    Holy crap – you are the funniest girl on the planet! true story.

  • Love hats! These included!

  • this blog always makes my day!

  • Stella Mayfair

    ciubecca! muahahahah!
    i love you, girl, you are incredible. if i wasn't so busy repellin' i'd propose to you right away!

  • Anonymous

    this is funnny

  • PRP

    We love your blog! Thanks for putting Row up on this post and Peony on the Birth Control Glasses.

  • @PRP They are beautiful girls with killer style!

  • Hasidic wives wear thigh high socks???

  • Anonymous

    i suppose its only a matter of time for the shtreimel to be in style.. although i did see someone on les wearing one with shorts and tshirt- trendsetter?

  • @anonymous Ohhhh, the Streimels already here! You just wait until next week!

  • I spy Hammer Pants!

  • Anonymous

    I realize that this post is old, but I MUST KNOW: where did those freaking awesome hiker heels Garance Doré is wearing come from?

  • Weird…..I'm literally a Siamese Jew. I just don't have an attached clone. The girl in the second picture looks stunning, as does Frou Frou.

  • Anonymous

    Your bag is super pretty, what bag is that? I've been looking for a bag in that style for ages!!!

  • jkdates

    As the old injunction goes, “G–t Shtrayft!!” Interesting, certainly; reminds me od the rage for Hassidishe drag twenty years ago in Pragur. The Va’ad and the gereral tzibor say these near instrunents of rebellion even mede it behind the mechitza.