Repelling in Style: An Online Boutique Directory

After the week of posts that have chronicled the joys that come with man repelling, I speculate you’re starting to sympathize and identify with the entire concept. Suddenly, you’re overcome by excessive anxiety. Where will I shop? What will I do? Can I actually say things like “Lady Boner?” Fear not, fellow Repellers. While I cannot act as your moral compass; I will tell you to jam out with your clam out and scream lady boner at the top of your lungs, I can offer you an elaborate boutique directory, nailing the top five e-tailers that will inevitably support your Man Repelling tendencies. From luxe to less, let’s get cracking.

1. Forward by Revolve. Rick Owens, Tsumori Chisato, Gareth Pugh, Kimberly Ovitz, holy Man Repeller! The high concentration of sartorial contraceptives that are available at Revolve Clothing’s higher end online boutique, Forward Forward will get you in the man repelling spirit faster than you can say harem pants. The prices are steep, but fear not. Forward offers some of the best sales on the interwebs. Good for you, bad for your man friend.

2. Shopbop hosts an enormous slew of retailers, so weaving through the man getting garb (think: Herve Leger, Jill Stuart, Rebecca Taylor) is somewhat challenging but comes with great opportunities for your go at man repelling with a handful of duds by likes of Alexander Wang and McQueen, Opening Ceremony, Rag & Bone and Barlow. Remember, repellers, if it’s short, tight and black, it’s not for us.

3. Pixie Market. For quirky cape dresses, full Navajo skirts, outrageously large harem pants and Martin Margiela inspired jumpers look no further than Pixie Market. I’d be impressed if you could find anything man-getting in their entire online inventory. 

4. Shop Nasty Galotherwise known as the budget conscious mecca of man-repelling (no hard feelings, Topshop, this is an e-tailer guide)–will direct you toward ready made turbans (though I do suggest you DIY your own), a large slew of birth control glasses, and diatribe inspired duds that will help you relive Arabian nights as best they can.

5. Shop Cuffs is a small online boutique I found via Le Fashion. With Picnic table inspired maxi skirts, raccoon-inspired infinity scarfs, high waisted shorts, and drop crotch pants, acquisitions from Shop Cuffs will function as sartorial contraceptives just as well as say, a Thakoon feathered skirt would but for a small fraction of the price. Looking bad ass doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg…

Maybe just your birth control. Happy shopping.


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  • Yuliya

    OMG….Oh Man Repeller…thank you! Thank YOU!!! There I was…sitting at home sulking because the holidays are coming up and I had no idea where to buy all my friends their fabulous Man Repelling gifts! And then….like a brilliant light in the darkness you came! Now I can ensure that the Crew and I are Repelling at our highest potential.

    Oh, also…I know that you covered rompers a bit in an earlier post but I thought I would share the Alexander Wang Hooded Romper :
    Its this Man Repellers wet dream

  • Once more you rock. LOL I totally need a pair of man repelling pants. Oh PS I'm pretty obsessed with your blog now.

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  • thank you for sharing this with such charisma !!!
    Viaggio della Farfalla
    The Key Item

  • i can't even begin to tell you how much i love your blog. serious lady boner over here.(I just posted a thing on my fb about my love of leather shorts, and like clockwork, the men instantly commented on how repulsive the shorts are). i must be doing something right!



  • that tailcoat is incredible!!!!!!

    come visit!

  • oh my lordy, those 'forward revolve' pants are hideous…

  • We likey you and those saggin rick owens pants. P.S. will be stalking your blog daily

  • i love your blog,i am watching you every day! your posts are perfect and really inspire me,the contents are just amazing!
    i will be happy if you check my blog,and follow!
    thanks for your time my dear!

  • Anonymous

    It's like you read my mind!

  • As usual, a great selection of repulsive fashion choices sure to repell any male interest.

  • Love it– I live only blocks from Cuffs' retail store in midtown Sacramento. I always find interesting statement pieces there that never fail to make my boyfriend raise his eyebrows in confused wonderment.


    forgot a piece…..ew this one's even worse than the accordion skirt i sent ya…

  • Lizzy M

    ooo such a good article! Im checking out ShopCuffs now!
    Another shop ive fallen in love with is Scarlet Night Boutique. I bought a couple necklaces from there. Free postage and the wrapped it so cute!