Man Repeller Style Icon: Edward Scissorhands
 image via Thread for Thought

In spirit of the departed Halloween, paying tribute to Tim Burton’s sharpest–pun intended–character seemed like a no brainer and since I have no brain, I jumped on the opportunity to take you, fellow Repellows, on a virtual (and magical) journey through images and items that may or may not deliberately draw inspiration from the man with the scissor hands.

Excess leather, bondage, beltage, messy bed hair and metal details make for one bomb, bad, kick and sweet ass outfit. And because most these looks include leather, a fabric notorious for its uncanny ability to man-get (cue the sex shops,) I strongly suggest you opt to wear scissor as hands while channeling Eddie. After all, few great outfits are complete if at the end of the night you’re not alone.

Let’s take a strut (pun fun, right here) down past runways, courtesy of 

Rick Owens rarely if ever designs a collection without channeling the queen of Darkness and last fall was no exception. The inclusion however, of heavy black eye make up and big fail whales in the form of slicked back hair-do had the models ten blades away from becoming bizarro scissorhands. Note the Seinfeld reference.

 See what I mean? Those gloves are begging for blades. 
And I’m just throwing this in for good measure because it would be unbecoming of someone who calls herself the Man Repeller not to. Look, it’s a leather hat, slash hood, slash condom, slash cape, slash fur accoutrement.
Here’s Rick’s wife, shot by Jak&Jil;, doing Tim Burton, little black riding hood, tobacco supporters and myself proud.
You should really look into finding a new nail salon.
At Elise Overland, things were slightly more feminine:
Looking at these images now, I question the initial Tim Burton connection I made. Sure, there are shoulder pads and leather turtlenecks, but are these repellers? Will a man weigh in? Man, WOULD YOU HAVE SEX WITH THESE WOMEN?

Kate the Great, I love you so hard. You may say moto-chic, but I say Burton chic. 

And finally, here’s me looking suicide chic and what not. I was initially holding several pairs of scissors between my finger tips but I accidentally cut a block of hair out of my head which was fairly traumatic for the events of a Thursday night at 9PM just before heading out for dinner.

jacket by Veda, leather pants by Topshop, sheer blouse by Dolce & Gabbana, bow booties by Opening Ceremony
I accidentally cut my hair in the name of this blog, don’t ever say I don’t love you. 

Repellows, I’m sorry if you didn’t laugh through the duration of this post but aside from the fact that I am now missing a small patch of hair, I am not a machine that produces infinite funny words at the drop of a ruffle. Just kidding, I am.

And in honor of this chilly Friday there’s one more thing I have to share with you:
Winter loving turban wearers, rejoice! 

Yesterday, fellow repellow Cecilia sent me a photo of Peter Jensen’s knit turban equipped with center pom pom et al! I nearly shot myself in the leg when I signed in to order the turban and learned the $120 centerpiece was already sold out.

And then, I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Cecilia assured me the red one, that would match any gentile’s Christmas decorations was still in stock.

If you weren’t sure before, you should be now: ‘Tis the season to be Man Repelling.

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