Man Repeller Style Icon: Catherine Baba

A successful Paris Fashion Week it is not without the token image of Catherine Baba, the queen of turbans peddling through Place Vedome, rue Fracois 1er or the Tuileries clad in several layers of clothing that don’t match, inapproriately large sunglasses, and Yves Saint Laurent’s latest shoe.

above images via Tommy Ton
image via Mr Newton
It therefore should be no surprise that Baba would be second feature as Man Repeller Style Icon. It wasn’t until I saw her a few weeks ago that this dawned on me. I was leaving the New School computer lab, because that’s what students do: they hang out at computers labs, when I spotted her walking across 13th St. She was of course, wearing the staple turban, sunglasses after dark, more makeup than a face should see before 6PM and a heavy fur coat, despite the climate conditions--it was a prime example of global warming robbing our asses of transition seasons. What really struck me though, is that she was talking to herself, no blue tooth or companion in sight. It was then that I realized I might be in love with her. I’m not gay. Cue the kook.
image via Trend Land
In any case, this calls for a virtual journey through photo land. Join me in celebrating one of Man Repeller’s finest offenders as we seek inspiration and perhaps place bets on the status of her sex life. Or rather, lack thereof.
image via Rock and Fiocc
I call this one: tribal mating call. Hold the mating. I wondered what her actual eyes looked like considering the fact they are often masked by enormous sunnies. Now however, I wonder, where be her eyebrows? And should I shave mine off? 
image via Jak&Jil;
“Guess what I wear as a hat? A (black) lentil!” Most avant-gardists choose to dye their hair blue in an effort to keep up with the times, Lady Baba, however, opts to wear blue hair (tassles. How royal pillow legit) in her ears. 
I call this one, mushroom chic. This calls for a fun game of “can you find my neck?”
This is a perfect example of how to turn a Man Getter into a Man Repeller. Even her cleavage and liquid leggings can’t save the situation at hand. It’s the combination of accessories, bright red lips and suede fringed slash fur poncho that make her a sex stop sign.
image via Sea of Black
I speculate the theme of this outfit was Wild Thornberrys chic. Safari hat, check. Utility trousers, check. Awkward jacket tied around waist a la 1992, check
…in case you needed a visual re: my Nickelodeon Wild Thornberrys reference.
Moving forward. I imagine after skimming through thoroughly reading the CatBaba style-line, you’re itching (in yo’pants) to try some of the trends yourself. Fear not, this is where I come in because you too can get the look.
And just a word from the wise: it ain’t proper Baba protocol if you’re not talking to yourself, so exercise them jaw muscles and let your freak flag fly talk.
Turban: Missoni, Sunnies: Tom Ford, Cape: Matthew Williamson, Pumps: YSL, Sweater: Uniqlo, Skirt: Topshop, Tights: Modcloth
Work it, girlfriend. Or boyfriend. I don’t judge. 
Happy repelling!
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  • can you please help me find a winter turban hat!! Kylie Minogue wore one at the thanksgiving day parade and im dying for one but cant find an affordable one! Please help!!


  • Go shave thy eyebrows. The Baba commands it.

  • a lentil! hahahaha loooove marcel. daily quotes around my place.

    @taylor –No lie, I got an amazing black turban from Family Dollar. It was $1.50. Man repelling requires little funds.

  • Liv

    This woman is the epitome of what I imagine my retiree look to be like. Maybe you say I should go forth and repel while I'm still (relatively)young, but nay, I say! I'm looking way too forward to my eccentric old lady stage to mess with it now.

  • Anonymous

    Obsessed. I love Baba especially knowing that she talks to herself. I speculate it is because she is a true genius that doesn't need any companions…she just is.

  • Your commentary here had me in stitches laughing. I'm a fairly new reader of your blog but it's such great stuff. Trying to convince my boyfriend I've found a fashion blog even he would find entertaining too.

    One More

  • I love this blog. Too often people forget the importance of humor in fashion. If you're not havin' fun, what is the point?

  • I am absolutely in LOVE with her!!! She is amazing!!!

  • Fabulous, though, I don't recommend shaving the brows it's a look best left to those that are experts at it or just plain crazy. Also love the Wild Thornberries I think next 90's reference should be for Ren & Stimpy.

  • Anonymous

    I always find it impossible to pick the gem-iest of the gem commentary on this blog, but the Nickelodeon Wild Thornberrys shout out is going to have to take it for me today. amaaaaazing.

  • You, dear lady have me cracking the hell up with your humor.

  • i love her almost as much as i love your blog hahaha. good one. my boyfriend is laughing at turban-wearing ladies as we speak. #sortofmanrepel

  • Oh man, I just spent the last hour giggling like a child at your blog posts. New favourite <3

  • I just thought you should know- you're hilarious!

  • Ria

    Lmao. Wild Thornberrys reference. Major props.

  • I love C-Babs as I'm calling her from now on, but I love your eyebrows more. Don't go changin', thick brows rule.

  • I think… that this is my favorite Man Repeller post so far! I piddled myself laughing.


  • lyrebirdgully

    Ah, the one, the only Queen Baba, j’adore! Just drool over the sophistication of these 4 original MR stratagems she has pioneered: 1. Dress exclusively in the style of 30 years ago, causing people to think you must be a middle-aged dowager ( example comment above by Liv) with a plastic surgery addiction (which will explain your youthful-looking skin) 2. Wear sunglasses and a tight turban for months on end, thus reinforcing the plastic surgery speculation. People will assume you are trying to hide the scars of your innumerable facelifts. 3. Wherever possible, leave your skirt behind and go about in your leotard and dance tights—people will think you are ARTISTIC i.e. unpredictable. 4. Stop wearing a bra, thus giving the impression that you are either an eccentric, a feminist, a proselytizing nudist, or possibly all three. Maximum creativity, maximum effect!

  • She is outrageously fabulous and perfectly man repellent in every way

  • Anonymous

    Love her!

  • She looks so fabulously OVER the TOP! 🙂 I LOVE IT!

  • Fabulous looks, even though some of them are A LOT of look!

  • -L

    I totally see her as a modern day carrie bradshaw.

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