Man Repeller Look of The Week

…Goes to a very special lady channeling Charlie Chaplin above the eye and a Clockwork Orange around the eye. Construction hooker from the foot up and Grandmother’s old furniture by the extended arm. It compliments well the color-coordinated roadkill strapped across her back.

Forget me, fellow Repellows. Take a cue on how to get street styled from this bowling broad.
Cheers to you, kookidy kook.

Spotted on Mark Iantosca’s photo blog. 

That read like a riddle, such fun.

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  • i find the little bit of bare leg over the stocking in the first pic to be very sexy…so much so that i can live with the rest of her get up.

  • Anonymous


  • off to meet her fellow droogs for the ol ultra violence at the korova milk bar

  • om

    girl George. Ew.

  • Anonymous


  • lin

    I think that's Natalia Kills, an upcoming singer. Youtube her!

  • This girl is Natalia Kills, an Akon artist….. u will be hearing her name very soon. she's pretty rad

  • yes she is!

  • Anonymous

    I shall follow in your amazeballs man repelling ways from this day forward. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    this is great!

  • I love her actually she's a fantastic singer. Haha I actually like the Clockwork Orange look it's not something you wear to attract people, but it would be a great Halloween look no?