How to Get Street Style Snapped

Getting photographed for street style blogs is steadily creating an entirely new form of celebrity. Ladies of the street, if you will. The pages of Jak & Jil, The Sartorialist, Mr Newton, Stockholm Street Style et al provide ample inspiration for what our mortal selves should strive to look like. No one else will admit this but I’ll go ahead and address a huge elephant in my pants: without the high saturation of street style blogs growing by the day, I likely wouldn’t know what Anna dello Russo even looks like or that she is always exhausting use of outrageous materials, shoulder pads, structured silhouettes and bow  adornments.

image via

I should also note that as an avid blog reader, I often recognize in real time the faces that re-appear. Take Denni Elias of Chic Muse. Who was she before Paris Fashion Week? Just a blogger in a top knot. And now? Street style star extraordinaire.

image via chicmuse

So I beg this question: do you often find yourself standing against brick walls and wondering why the stylish passers by wearing particularly large cameras around their necks don’t stop at the prospect of snapping photos of you? I have before taken personal offense; after all, I often wear feathers and too many layers of denim. When I can, I incorporate as many materials and fabrics into a single outfit and if I must…I wear two different shoes. Not actually, but I might. It’s a good idea. Think about it. Yeah, me neither. But in any case, should you find yourself in this predicament, I have four words: Up the freak factor.

Behold a photo heavy tutorial that will ensure your ass gets street styled the next time a big fat camera comes into your proximity. And if this doesn’t work…it likely means the big fat camera in your proximity belongs to a tourist taking landscape shots and there’s nothing I can do about that.

Let’s start:

dress by Fluet, pumps by Christian Louboutin  
Step 0: Start with a plain black dress and black pumps. This outfit is likely not Man Repeller but I wouldn’t even know because I’d rather cut my own arms off then socialize in outfit as lovely and simple blase as this. 

Step 1: Put on a quirky belt.

Step 2: Set a trend and then incorporate it into your outfit. I think more people should start layering belts. Its fun, looks cool, and will confuse the shit out of the male species, so I’m going to wear two belts.

denim shirt by Madewell

Step 3: Layer a chambray button up, buttoned down over the double belted black dress. You should likely wear shoes but you don’t have to, it’s your life.

utility jacket by Ecote

Step 4: Utility jacket over chambray. Now, you’re wearing fatigue, chambray, silk, and leather and we’re not even done yet! You’re almost there though and fairly R2R.

Step 5: Integrate fur into the equation. Extra points if its printed. Even more points if its leopard. Behold: A leopard print fur vest over utility jacket that is over chambray. This particular vest is by Adrienne Landau and can be found at Intermix.

Step 6: Open toe booties adorned by suede lace and bows. Get as much shit going on as you can. These are satin and by Valentino. They were a canceled sample in the accessories closet and I threatened to kill my boss when I was an intern if she didn’t let me buy them. Needless to say I got fired. Just kidding! You likely won’t find them, but a. all their shoes are the shit, just pick another pair and b. you can borrow mine. Do note that I’m currently wearing seven different types of fabric.

And finally, the finishing touches:

Top knot and cherry red lips! If this doesn’t get you street snapped, it will at the very least help you blend in with the crowd at The Jane. And you can sleep well at night knowing that you still don’t need to renew your birth control! That means more money for you to spend on leopard print turbans, even though I recommend you DIY your own with my handy tutorial here.
Go forth now, fellow repellows. Try it, send your photos and tell of your tales.
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  • I must get those open toed booties… must…find…booties…

  • Fantastic awesomeness. This should be published far and wide as far as I'm concerned. Word.


  • more of this more of this more of this!!!

    yes yes yes!

  • I think I'm in love with you. SEVEN TYPES OF FABRIC? It must be love.

  • well duh, you forgot socks…
    but seriously, best outfit ever, double layering belts? genious

  • You hit the nail on the head!
    Love reading your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • "You should likely wear shoes but you don't have to, it's your life."

    I just had a baby, so things aren't really back to normal in certain areas…I just peed.

  • I'm gonna have to do a "copy the blogger-pose" with this one. How difficult will it be though to achieve a top-knot with a hijab on?….. Aish….

  • Veronica

    I am in love with this outfit. And I now feel inferior in only 5 types of fabric. Even my giant poncho/cape isn't enough!

    More repelling, please!!!!

  • i have that same military jacket and loooove it. great, great post! xo, meghan

  • I just have to tell you that your blog is the only effective birth control reminder tool I've found thus far. Things were rough during your sabbatical. Seriously rough. My empty uterus and I both thank you for returning with such gusto.

  • Alternatively just wear a straight from the catwalk look! You're totally spot on about the bun and red lipstick though, it wouldn't be a street style shot without it!

  • This is brilliant! They must be going crazy for you… x

  • You look straight out of Jak&Jill.; WIN!

  • Your blog is hilarious, I can't get enough. Funny and stylish.

  • you just made my day. You are the street style queen!


  • you are amazing.
    that is all.

  • so so amazing!!!

  • such an awesome post! loves it!



  • I was snapped in the most ridiculous outfit. Though I was very confused as to the photographer's motives, I let it happen. What a vulnerable moment, hah.

  • This is hilarious! Love it.

  • You had me for Steps 1-4, that's how I dress like 1/3 of the time. But apparently I'm a "man getter" now, or at least that's what my friends and empirical evidence keep telling me. I have also never been streetstyle photographed though so maybe it's the faux-leopard fur that pushes it over the edge?

    Two belts is such a good idea…everyone's gonna rip that off you for 2011, just watch. Also that lipstick looks adorable on you.

  • I'm obsessed with the end product. Thank you for my outfit inspiration tomorrow!

  • um can i have both those belts? who knew chanel + hermes = chastity belt! seriously tho, i need them both.

  • How do you look real pretty but real repellent at the same time? Quite the paradox.

  • …i don't get it….why 2 x belts???

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Love your blog…if only I could dress like this in the tropics!

  • Brilliant!

  • So funny! I'm glad someone called this out because it's getting ridiculous.

  • Hilarious!

    A turban also helps.

  • Anonymous

    you are just amazing
    you have predicted the double belt look for 2011 watch and see!!

  • you are so good at strikethroughs.

  • hahaha I must be a man repeller because I actually like 99% of that outfit and I think you look gorgeous.

    Very funny blog ๐Ÿ™‚


  • You forgot pigeon toes!

  • This is easily the best thing I have read all year. You actually look like one of the style snapped girls. Hahah brilliant. Xx

  • haha love it (finished look more than what you started out with obviously)

  • this is the funniest and truest thing. up the freak factor is so spot on… love the series of images. seriously cracked me up and i want to wear that outfit right now. really adorable. x

  • Anonymous

    very creative… you have to give us more of these!!!

  • Anonymous

    you crack me up… and you are a beautiful manrepeller.. how is that???

  • Anonymous

    After the past couple of posts (specifically this one), I felt the urge to announce this blog gets me through the days. I go to a school in upstate NY where unfortunately Uggs,and black Northface's are the uniform. Thank you for reminding me of interesting fashion, and clothes that dont include flaunting the curve of my ass or plunging necklines to flash my tits everywhere when I go out. love it!!

  • Also, this is a great outfit for flying — with more pieces of clothing than can be stuffed in a carry-on bag.

  • Anonymous

    I think I know what you're missing and what you should definitely try … the multipurpose accessory IE the 'glovehat' as seen on the sart :

  • your styling is right on

  • Kb

    Very true, might I suggest a fedora for next time?

  • ahhhh haha soooo amazing.

  • you could always turn a patch type blanket in to a dress! lots of differet fabrics there ๐Ÿ˜€ haha x

  • oh my lordy lord

    you are my new hero. never stop with the awesomeness.

  • SK

    this is pretty genius!

  • This is brilliant.
    I must go raid my closet and come up with a man repeller outfit immediately.


  • lee

    omg, i love you.

  • what a great blog! your writing is a great read – so witty. love it.

  • ahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .

    you are perfection!!!!

  • lmaoooo you never cease to make me laugh, each and every post is efffin hilarious apart from being totally on point with trends. you're my hero!!!!!

  • Holy shit, you're hilarious!

  • LOL I must now go find a fur vest and hang out by brick walls.

  • logan

    you are great. this is hilarious.

  • I saw this on The Sartorialist and immediately thought of your street style post:

    I mean…this is just ridiculous.

  • you're pretty fecking good i have to say! fannytastic!

    charly x

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    fuck me,
    you are hilarious!

  • Guest

    I see it – Do I love it ? : I do.
    Can I do it ? : Hard, because lately Im afraid of accessories and leopard. There, I said it. In real life, how old do you have to be to “be allowed” to play with that stuff? You will disagree, I know, because “I have the control of my life and bla bla”, but do I? I wish i could “break the rules” and all again, but try being a lawyer and wearing that stuff. My creativity died along with my first job (years ago) and now im afraid to play with my clothes. Help?

  • ECHO


  • Well it depends on the photographer, some prefer simple outfits without disturbing details. But general rule is – more layers and accessories – more chances to be street style snapped : )

    Great article! Love the tutorial.

  • this is legitimately one of my favourite Leandra outfits ever. ignore the fact that i’m finding it 4 years late. SO GOOD! layering is life, life is layering

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