Holiday Gifting: Anatomically Incorrect Fashions

My holiday compass points to Bergdorf Goodman to assess whether or not writing about the holidays is appropriate yet. And since they’ve unleashed their holiday windows, said compass has given me the green light to exhaust any and all holiday references brewing inside me’brain. [Whew, that’s a lot o’holiday.] In light of this, I’ve created a pop-up installment, running from right now until my birthday, on December 20 December 25 that will once a week, document three man-repelling items to gift me, your favorite weener fender, your loved ones. (Or self?) This week, we’ll talk female genitals. I spent the afternoon in Saks and their racks were adorned by buttloads of female genital inspired duds which in turn got me thinking, if wearing a Thakoon ruffled blazer means dressing as a vagina then so be it, one life-sized labia, coming right up. 

1. This one is for the budget unconscious. It is a black shrug by Comme des Garcons.

You see, this is worth the bangin’ buck because you’ll look like a black vagina AND large intestine. A good anatomical accessory over all. 

2. Prada’s ankle strap pump. Equipped with the token clitoris.

Because if you haven’t invested in Thakoon or Margiela genitals, you’re an idiot. Redeem yourself with Prada.

3. And finally, Pleasure Doing Business makes a pair of RicRac shorts that will quite literally zone in on your lady bits.
Outrageously high waisted and decoratively (strategically) placed wavy lace details make these “scuba shorts” a sure win for the Man Repeller in your life.
And to the ladies that will receive these gifts, bask in the paradoxical glory of knowing that while you expose your sartorial lady bits for your fellow Repellows to see, embrace, compliment, lust after and swoon…your anatomical lady bits will stay rusty, unused, neglected. 
Bikini wax? Not here pal.
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  • You are out. of. control. I love it. I always get a great laugh when I come pay Man Repeller a visit. I didn't realize this blog had affected my thinking so much until I was holding a pair of draped grey silk harem pants while parousing the racks last night and thought "what would the Man Repeller write about these bad boys?" Oy vey. Keep it up!

    Memento Vivere (translated: remember to live)

    Melissa, fellow Manpellow.

  • AHAHAHAH!!!!! I want all the pieces to wear them together. Have you got a shirt to complete the outfit????

  • Hahaha I just found your blog funny stuff. This is great.

  • Wouldn't this subconsciously lure the men in? LOL. Like a mating call, right? Love it all. XOXO Valerie

  • girl you are HILARIOUS. i just turned on a grip of fellow man repellers onto your lovely blog.
    sex or fashion? we choose fashion.

    anna t.

  • holy lady bits.
    wait, do you mean to tell me that:

    a) those shorts are ACTUALLY sold at urban outfitters? there is a literal vagine, right. on. them.

    b) there is an article of unmentionables for $178 at urban outfitters? what?


  • Wow just what I always wanted a black vagina/intestine around my head, but dear take heed most men are attracted to objects that look like vaginas. Careful those Prada heels might actually attract a man. I mean if you ever want to test it practice with the calla lilly. So says the therapist. Though, who knows honestly if a man would be attracted to a giant vagina…though if you think about he probably would be.

  • have i mentioned how much i love you and your blog??? no seriously??? you're too cool for school, and i'm ready to learn.

  • you are hilarious! love your blog and your super cool sense of humour! keep it up! haha xxxxx

  • I must say your idea is pretty damn original 🙂 i've been thinking many times how funny women sometimes dress and how sometimes trends make us look totally undesireable to straight men :)to my luck, I'm not that it-thing-dependant and I dress the same way season after season, my style is more feminine and not men repelling, but I do sometimes see things I'd love to wear that would be too much for the stronger sex…
    good blog you have here 😉

    keep on rockin'

  • Nothin' says happy holidays like vagina-inspired fashion. You are too funny for your own good.

  • omg hilarious. Have you seen the Valentino for Gap line? There are some SUPER vag-like pieces!!

    Your BFF

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  • Success!! I emailed in the vaginal Prada pumps yesterday and VOILA!! Genetalia post the next day. Man Repeller never disappoints.


  • i love the name of your site, and this entire post is awesome. those Prada shoes scream vagina.


    feel free to check out my site.

  • For Stockholm man-repellers, I can recommend this money purse, "my pussy is perfect" – not as suble a reference as your other suggestions, but still

  • Hilarious!

  • Thanks for making my mornings so much nicer! Turn on my computer, cup of tea in hand and giggle out my nose at your latest post. I'm finding it hard to explain to my colleagues though, 'she found this thing that looks like a vagina and intestines'. Keep up the fab work!!

  • hahahah this is SO true. sometimes we fashion people take things wayyy too serioiusly too- that we don't even realize some designer pieces are really, well, silly.

  • I agree with la petite fashionista… can get a bit too serious for its own good…the idea is to look good and I don't know..have fun?? That's why this blog is great…good post!


  • beli pulsa

    girl you are HILARIOUS.

  • tiket pesawat

    I agree with la petite fashionista