Guess the Blogger Pose: Trousers and Capes and Fur…Oh My!
I’ve realized that my installments of Guess the Blogger Pose are more “who wore it best” contests than they are an opportunity for you to actually guess the blogger poses. 
Blogger poll: would you rather have an interactive go at actually guessing the pose, or do you like seeing me make a fool of my little behind put myself up against different bloggers (and or little baby ponies) in who wore it best contests? 
Do note: I will likely make a fool of myself whether you choose the guessong option or not.
Moving forward. Guess who…?
It’s me silly, duh. But can you guess which blogger I am emulating?
shoes: Chloe, socks: Missoni, pants: Opening Ceremony, sweater: The Kooples, tee: T by Alex no Wang condom cape: Zara, oversized clutch: Reece Hudson. Sunglasses from the street, Prince street to be exact.

I have a heart of gold, so I will give you a hint: I’m pouting to make my cheekbones look more defined. The actual blogger’s cheekbones do this naturally. I get an extra Repeller point for looking like an asshat…one more for my enormous FUPA.
Here’s another hint: I’m not Rumi Neely
One more hint: Nor am I a rabbi wearing a shtreimel. #takingtheyeshivapuntoofar

Close up of my fancy face:

If this doesn’t make you want to take me home to ma, I don’t know what will. 
…Maybe this? See below.

Have you guessed? Are you wrong? The right answer is Frou Frouu.
She loves fur hats.

And has high cheek bones.
She wears condom capes.

With socks. And man trousers.

all images via Frou Frouu
…And temple toppers. Holy lady boner, you’re the one, Frouu.

Now tell us, fellow Repellows. Who wore it best? 
Just a small disclaimer before you chose though, do note that I posed for a camera while puckered up to make this happen while wearing fur on my head and sunglasses on my face and printed socks on my feet and fupa trousers on my legs. It was the best hour of my life.
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  • fucks that face is the worst turn off in history

  • Anonymous

    love you, so funny!!

  • Anonymous

    her face is scary.. yours isn't even when you are trying to emulate her scariness. you win!

  • I prefer the "Guess The Blogger's Pose". It shows the genius of your satirical take on fashion bloggers and the industry as a whole.

  • Yuliya

    Hola Man Repeller…
    Been following your blog for a while….it makes me happy. Here in California we have a LOT of man repelling going on…especially in the fair city of San Francisco, where kook rules.

    And yeah…gotta say you wore it better….those high waist trouser are key.

  • You win every time.

  • I'm going to go for you, but only when leaning when against a wall like a woman without a man to take her home when drunk.

  • Oh my! Where has Frou Frouu been hiding all my life?! Going straight to her blog to see the horror.

  • Anonymous

    Gala Gonzalez, that was easy

  • Your blog is hilarious, and you have so many amazing clothes! Love your cape.



  • I think the pose where you slumped, rigid, against the wall with the fish face, shows true bravery and dedication. Your pose is the new blue steel. Have to go with you.

  • Molly

    All I can say is that your shoe/sock combo in picture numero uno is fabuloussssssssssss

  • Anonymous

    this look is quite ali macgraw in love story no?

  • You …. naturally.

  • Anonymous

    of course you
    what a question!!! you ROCK

  • Mackenzie

    I recently discovered a vintage mink hat buried in my grandmother's closet… this may have been one of the happiest days of my life! Sometimes I mourn the loss of my LTF, but then I put on this hat and all is right in the world.

  • OH my god, I seriously love you so much! this is hilarious.


  • I know this is going to sound creepy and contradictory to the very core of this blog, but I want you to have my children.

  • Anita N.

    Just found your blog…I'm in love 🙂

    And you used "asshat"! Excellent!