From Man Getter to Man Repeller: The Skinny Jean

In this week’s effort to turn a Man Getter into a Man Repeller, behold: the skinny jean. The cigarette leg has taken a long and profitable joyride through several seasons of chic (this is such a corny sentence I want to shoot it in the face but I don’t carry a gun and since it’s a sentence, it doesn’t have a face. I could delete it. But I won’t.) and evidently will continue on said ride for…ever? You may find yourself fed up sausaging your legs into skinny denim, so grow a brain and buy a pair o’harems, duh but fear not. The transition below will make your wildest celibacy-induced dreams come true. 

Exhibit A:
photo by Naomi Shon
Tank: American Apparel, Jeans: Seven for all Mankind, Slingbacks: Christian Louboutin
This is not the face of a happy camper. This is however, a great example of something you will never see me wear and as it happens, something current, former and future man friends will always appreciate. Skinny jeans and tank. Vomit in my mouth. The only element of this outfit that could lend itself to accurately characterizing my style is the use of sweet tuxedo lines that travel down my jeans. Those lines make my legs look skinnier so I get a Man Getter score point for that. 
And now, let’s delve into more exciting territory. 
Disco loving Canadian schoolboys, rejoice!
photo by Naomi Shon
blazer: Rag & Bone, chambray work shirt: Madewell, bowtie: Lanvin, jeans: Seven for All Mankind, booties: Valentino 

I dare me to land a man friend in this one.
While it’s true I have a bad case of Baby Tooth going on between my lips and perhaps some awkward deformation on the actual face too, do note that I look inherently happier in this photo. I’m back in my own male-deterring fashion swooning skin. You see, I’m quite literally wearing A CANADIAN TUXEDO: tuxedo blazer, jeans, chambray shirt et al. I took it to the next level of spiffer nation with an old Lanvin bow-tie I found in my dad’s closet. I am sure, if not positive he hasn’t worn it since his wedding day (which was 25 years ago on February 23, should you want to send gifts.)

Paternal anecdotes aside, here’s one last image of the looks against one another and I ask you this: which look do you prefer?

photos by Chuck Grant

 …You don’t have to answer. Obviously, the Repeller shits on the Propeller.
And so, I further defer the mating process. Cheers.

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  • Anonymous

    Me sames. It's my fav outfit ever.

  • that jacket is so fantastic it doesn't even matter. repeller all the way!!

  • nice blog!!

    new CASIO WATCH GIVEAWAY on my blog:

  • I am Always ALWAYS on the side of the Canadian Tuxedo.

  • You know what?
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and i just need to tell you that my boyfriend would sleep with you. He really would.
    Outfits that make girls look like small boys really float his boat.
    (Out loud that sentence is terrible but im hoping you know that I meant it in a positive, non paedophile way)
    I wish you luck in the man repelling and remember that my Australian boyfriend thinks you always look darling.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, i LOVE those jeans.

  • I recently wore a Canadian Tuxedo on a first date…

  • love it!

  • Anonymous

    Where can I get the jeans?

  • @anonymous x 2 They're 7forallmankind and fairly new! Head to le site.

  • Lusting those jeans.. and that amazing metallic blazer. Great blog- now following you!!

  • The tight jeans look good on you! I am too skinny for them… like toothpicks. Girls should have shape =)

  • love ur blog! such a fan


    Le Kiss Kiss-Click Here!

  • Holy crap just read the disclaimer. Girl I need to go stalk you on twitter I think your my new hero next to @lord_voldemort07 whom I stalk daily because I can.

  • As I am Canadian, I feel it necessary to comment on how great Canadian tuxedos are and make sure everyone knows that they are rare in Canada… despite their name.

  • Alice

    When did the Canadian tuxedo stop being jeans and a jean jacket?!

    As a Canadian who works in and loves fashion (in Canada! lol) it is so bummer that the population breakdown here is something like this:

    Man repelling by accident: 30%
    Man getting (yuck): 65%
    Man repelling the really, really fabulous way: 5%

  • Okay, this one worked. Thia man has been repelled.

  • Kim V

    I absolutely love your blog. This skinny-jeans desexification story is hysterical. By any chance do your older female relatives tell you constantly 'you know, you could be so pretty if you wanted to be'?
    Don't mind them!
    Rock on, Repeller!!