From Man Getter to Man Repeller: Leather Pants

The Man Repeller is a blog about highly coveted fashion trends that women adore and men abhor. [You already know this, duh. But Lucky readers may not.] While I stay committed to outfitting myself by the guidelines of my alias, it’s important to note that several key sartorial staples fall into the Man Getting category season after season. Take the leather pant for example. Just because tight leather pants rubbing up against your legs may help kick start the mating process you are trying to avoid [Proenza before Peen!], doesn’t mean you can’t repel in them. This is where I come in. Below, a handy tutorial that will help turn your favorite Man Getter into a trendy Man Repeller.

Images via Chuck GrantNaomi Shon
Pants: Topshop, Top: The Kooples, Heels: Brian Atwood

A rare occasion it is that a woman goes wrong with leather, the fabric symbolizes sexy, and when paired with a plain cotton tank and steep metallic stilettos, I’m armed to Man Get…or am I? Either way, this is not okay.

It’s boner bashing time.
Image via Naomi Shon
Pants: Topshop, Blouse: Zara, Necklaces: Jimmy Choo x H&M;, Madewell, Clutch:
Reece Hudson, Brogues: Steve Madden

Here, however, I’ve traded in flimsy cotton for a silk blouse adorned by shoulder pads so thick you’d never know how hard those chunky necklaces are pulling my neck down, and stiletto heels for a more comfortable and practical shoe: the brogue. Once referred to by a man friend as “party shoes for boys,” these kicks have successfully male-deterred through thick and thin. Last, no look is complete without an oversized clutch. Ever.

If however, this is still not enough, add a little leopard print to the equation.

Images via Chuck GrantNaomi Shon

Look how happy I am. A Man Repeller can’t change her spots. I dare you to try and score a date in this get up.
No really. 
Try it, send your photos and tell of your tales.

Get a double dose of the MR at this week HERE.

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  • I love the oversized clutch!

    Your blog is my new fav!

  • I love your outfit in the second pic! I'm not sure if i would be daring enough to wear shoulder pads like that though.
    Leopard print jacket = love love love

    To bad my bf is stuck to me and my fashion LOL He doesn't get a lot of it but he still loves me lol

  • great blog! i love it! you're hilarious.

  • apparently men don't like booties? i think the phrased used by a group of dudes was "moon shoes"

    love the zara blouse…

    stop by!

  • LOL you are hilarious. Nice pants by the way. Oh also are you sure this wont attract women? I feel like it would work if you are of the lady persuasion to get some good tail. No?

  • You are my new favourite everything.

  • You are a riot! I hate to break it to you though… almost impossible to turn leather pants or a leather skirt into a man repeller… take it from one. Following you now, come follow me.

  • This is my favorite blog these days, I can't stop asking my boyfriend if he feels repelled by my outfits. He is in fact repelled (particularly by my faux fur and harem pants), so I feel like this must mean I am more stylish than ever.

  • Anonymous

    I found your blog through Le Fashion and I love it! You rock!

  • Anonymous

    whats the coat!?!?

  • @Anonymous Zara 🙂

  • i neeeeeeeed the coat

  • I have seen the light.

    Much love x

  • Effin hilarious!

  • I just stumbled across your site and am so glad I did! Your commentary is hilarious, def perked up my afternoon 😉 Wherever did you find those shoulder pads??

  • Lottie

    ha ha your blog is genius!!!!! just stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago and it is now one of my favs- fashion plus you are so clever/funny! x

  • I actually like all of the outfits! Hmm but i suppose the second – man repeller outfit is the best. The shoulders pads and the necklace. It's awesome!


  • Was it you who recommended I've laughed so I cry for all the txt messages that come to the wrong person

    / J

  • Anonymous

    ok, so.. I have know you for… 30 mins..(?) and I already LOOOOOVE YOUUU.
    You look sooo goood on everything you wear. All your man repelling outfits, are just AMAZING. I want to be just like you when I grow up. Although Ive already grown up…


    Please I beg of you… don't ever change and your funny sensibility is just such a treat. You are the FIRST blog, after years of blog addiction, that I actually READ what you say and not just scroll down to see the photos.

    You are amazing and I love you.

    <3 Diana

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  • I love your outfit and these pictures are absolutely amazing.

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  • Little Lynn

    Leather pants draw men to women like kids to candy lol. I have a few pair of leather pants, wearing them guarantees me male attention every time. I don’t know why men like them so much, I’m just happy they like me in them.

  • Jay Mann

    A better man repeller is not to wear leather pants. Wear something comfortable.