Who Wore it Best: Feathers are Forever

Birds are cool because they can fly. Airplanes can fly too but birds are cooler because they wear feathers. I’m neither an airplane nor a bird but I do like feathers. See below.

Last Monday, Christopher Columbus gave Manhattan the day off. Not really, but some people did have off. One of which persons, joined me for lunch at Cafe Gitane where he (don’t get your hopes up, Repellers, this he, is a gay he) commended my affinity for repelling in a trench vest and feather-sleeved shirt. I agreed with his commending and then we segued into a short conversation about this here blog. I told him I was happy people finally understand that I’m not making fun of that which I blog about. My exact words were: “It’s like, I’m not making fun of you! I’m wearing feather sleeves!”

…Unrelated anecdote aside, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to play a rather riveting game of Who Wore it Best.
So, readers, who wore it best?


images via my handheld device

(shirt by Pencey, trench vest by Fulton, pants by The Kooples, sunnies by street stand on Prince St., shoes by Forever 21, handheld device by Blackberry, purse by Valentino, bedroom by my parental units’ interior design savvy eyeballs.)

The Twitter Birds!

There’s a pretty large collection of images that portray the “twitter bird” on Google but I chose this specific photo because feathers aside, the middle bird is wearing birth control glasses

Twitter, if it’s even possible, I love you and your underrated man-repelling ways more than I did before.

Back to the initial question though. Who wears the feathers better? I understand the birdies have skinnier legs and wear a really nice shade of turquoise/blue, but keep in mind that I am human and they are animated  poultry.

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  • This is a tough choice, and you're right, the twit birds CAN pull off the turquoise, but as you said you are a human.
    You win!

    Lucy xx

  • All I want to know is where your shirt is from. And don't say Planned Parenthood.

  • Hmmm I think you win, the bird gets extra points for the glasses but I think the trench is the deal breaker!!


  • Don't you mean "Indigenous Peoples Day?" Fuck Columbus and the Santa Maria. You obviously win with those feathers, but I'm giving the grand prize to your glasses! Where are they from?

  • You definitely win. Love what your wearing. And those glasses…WANT.

  • i have to say the twitter birds 😉
    nah, only joking! that blazer looks amazing!!


  • you look amazing as always. man repellers unite!

    ps we all need to know where all of the items you are wearing are from. including those shoes!


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  • @fashionintel @vicky: The sunglasses were purchased on a street corner, Prince st, to be exact. 7$ WIN!
    @dontforgetthey: the shirt is pencey, i stole it from my heterolifemate
    @ginaespo pants are from store in Paris called The Kooples, the trench vest is Fulton and the shoes are drum roll plzzzz….FOREVER 21!

  • The more I read your blog, the more I feel dudes are DOUCHES who just DON'T GET IT!

  • kim

    I'm going to go with the human choice. The feathers are awesome and I love how it looks with the vest.

    clothes are cute

  • Anonymous


  • I'm going to say you win – but just by a hair (or feather?)
    They do have the man-repelling glasses, but that trench just kills the competition in my opinion.
    Bravo, good madame, bravo. Another win in your books.


  • hehehehe!

    birth control glasses!

  • Cleggster+

    you need to put a shopping guide of where you get all your feathers and other man repelling outfits!

  • I was at Cafe Gitane over the weekend (visiting from CA) – love that place!!
    and love your feather sleeves

  • Anonymous

    I believe that you would enjoy the repellingly cool powers of the Persol 714 sunglasses. Check em out… even Steve McQueen knew they weren't for those sans power penises