This Fall, Fashion Channels Yeshiva School Girls

Yesterday I posted about Paris Fashion Week as the Olympics of Man Repelling and documented a photo of Abbey Lee channeling the Rabbinate. Then I got to thinking about fall trends. Interesting train of thought, you say? Just read.

When I graduated an orthodox Jewish day school in 2007, I vowed to burn any and all remnants of the wardrobe that tormented my high school years. This included some twenty long black floor length straight skirts and three pairs of Uggs. There I said it: I wore Uggs, AND I LIKED IT. Since graduation, I’ve made it my business to bare my legs, thighs, even ass on occasion. But when maxi skirts started peeking on to runways and the Tuilerie Gardens last fashion week, I knew I was doomed. Doomed, I tell ya. Let’s just take a look through some photo evidence, all courtesy of Mr. Newton.

 You see, she may or may not have actually bought this skirt from the consignment shop I sold it to.

 Her too.

HER THREE. Though I have to say, that red leather clutch (you see Bag Snob, day clutches rock!) and her leather sleeves are giving me heart palpitations and a rather explosive lady boner.

She did not buy that skirt from me, but maybe from the Israeli salvation army. Meet you at the Western Wall in 10?

She’s not neccesarily dressed like a Yeshiva high school girl but girlfriend (Vika? Is that you?) is wearing a nude training bra which does bring back vivid high school memories.

This model took it to the next level with her wide brimmed Panama hat. Channeling a Rabbi on the head and a Jewish girl on the legs just seems right. But also so wrong.

And finally, if ever there was proof that I am slave to Man Repelling fashion, this is it. Here is a photo of me taking back my vow and making my high school teachers proud.

image via StyledOn, shot by The Greyest Ghost
I question how proud my high school teachers actually are. 
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  • I love you but right now I hate you for inducing a PTSD, Apocalypse Now-like flashback of my Jewish Orthodox middle-school years. The horror!! The horror!!

  • the ring in the last image is adorbs!!!! me no likey the other stuff LOL

  • love the images!! I adore skirts as well. and yeah! The nude training bra brings back lots of memories for me of high school! (and i'm still in high school hahah!)

    menina elegante

  • I love this blog! You make me laugh constantly. 🙂 That's a good thing.

  • So funny that you dedicated a post to this theme. I legit keep a folder of Ortho-appropriate fashion looks in a folder on my desktop for a project a friend of mine has going on and never imagined anyone else was looking at this trend this way- Ha! Discovered your blog yesterday–it's hysterical, which you obviously know. BTW I also graduated hs in 2007 in an uber-Jew NJ town, so I feel ya girl.

  • Liz

    haha i never thought that I'll even touch a maxi skirt ever again. but now I have 2 😉 I need a black one though…


  • Yeah, I look at these maxi skirts and it all just makes my head hurt. What about us short girls? With hips? Dastardly. Though I must say it seems you pull it off pretty well (I think because I am in love with your sweater).

  • haha I always wear these kinds of outfits! Just see my last blog post. Incidentally, my old housemate is Jewish and always said I was looking "particularly Jewish" when I wore these outfits, and asked if I was attempting to cross over.

  • I just wanted to tell you how absolutely obsessed I am with your blog. BRAVO. I freaking love it.

  • Anonymous

    I'm also a yeshiva going, central park west skirt wearing and ugg loving highschool girl and the second I saw a maxi in top shop I couldn't believe my eyes. It could be cool if you wear it right but I am too mortified to wear those skirts outside of school because I'd probably look like a little religious girl as opposed to a budding fashionista

  • Jesus, I love that sweater (whoops, lookie there, a pun). Where did you get it? I have a blue maxi skirt that needs that sweater.

  • @natthefatrat, @angel: the sweater is reiss, available now!

  • Anonymous

    Some of the accoutrements, *especially* the leather sleeves, look like they would be intimidating to a straight man (note, gives *girl* boner). But I think the long skirts are sweet and feminine, and I think men would, too. It's nice that women are covering up a little after so many years of copy-catting borderline porn-star pop-stars with boobs always spilling out and upskirt photos all over the internet. Even the fly-girls of the eighties wore more fabric than women do today. Your Jewish school was right, women should stop degrading themselves for base male pleasure.

  • Anonymous

    Loving that sweater…and by the magic of the interwebs I will have it! But where oh where, did you get that repelling ring in the last shot? Jewelry that doubles as a weapon = LOVE.

  • Your sweater looks so radical, like I want to jump in right in it – I don't care if you might we wearing it, looks like there could be room for two. I'm totally digging the long skirts…any photos from your school days to show us how you rocked that look before?

  • pea

    If only there was an Israeli salvation army… hehehe 🙂 I'm liking these skirts on others in fashion blogs and street style photos, but since I actually live in Israel it's not gonna happen in my wardrobe.
    funny stuff!

  • I went to yeshiva and I will NEVER wear a maxi skirt ever again. I don't care how in style it is. Sometimes…a girls just gotta put her foot down.

  • Not kidding- they are selling that outfit on shopbop right now.

  • Where did you get it?These are beautiful sweaters.The fly-girls of the eighties wore more fabric than women do today.Let you think that leather skirts are only fads that will eventually go away after a few fashion seasons, think again.

  • Patrick

    you are so dumb.

  • Anonymous

    Umm…loving the Hadaya necklace and Junee skirt in the picture of you. That brings back some memories.

  • Anonymous

    why maxi skirts spec?…knee length for jewish girls are fine…you can be a fashionista and religious as well.

  • Anonymous

    Can I ask what it is you wore? Im Jewish, but not that kind of Jewish. I wore jeans. Maybe a little Star of David as a necklace, but thats it. Long skirts with a modest top. Is that it?

  • ilostmychoo

    ha! i chopped up all my old long skirts into minis when I left high school. kinda regretting that now though…
    also, your blog gives me a lady boner

  • Eivor

    I love you.