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Some More Tooting of The Horn That Represents My Ego

In partnership with Grazia.

I was going to toot my own horn, but then Polly Vernon for Grazia did it for me. In case you’re not in the UK or don’t have access to English magazines, looky looky at what Michelle Bobb-Paris sent me. Scanners rock. I was going to get one but then…I GOT A PS1 INSTEAD! DO YOU HEAR ME PROENZA? I OWN YOU. Literally.

I lied. I didn’t buy it yet, but I will, this week.
Unless another bank pulls a Lehman Brothers on this economy’s ass or something of that sort.

I digress. Behold:

I’m assuming you can’t read this. The text is really small. But maybe you have the best vision on planet earth. You likely don’t though so I took the liberty of taking several screen shots. You may win an award if you can piece the below images together correctly.

You probably won’t win an award, it’s fairly easy to piece together.

AND, while I’m on the topic of myself…Looky looky peeky peeky at my little baby cameo in The New Yorker this passed week:

I call this one: Literary Magazine Jumpsuit Legit.

So, call me!

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  • Everyone's talking about your blog- we love it!

  • uh why didn't u show ur feature frm le fashion? thats like huge! she prolly helped u get some of this attention kinda rude- i mean i found u thru le fashion.

  • Mayyyyjor.

  • Anonymous

    LOOOVE your blog!! just found it thru Le Fashion & girl you are hilarious!!
    Kinda would like your opinion about this:
    TRUE LOVE, right? I mean it must be by looking at her… outfit ;D
    you can see the whole outfit here:

    oh and did I mention how MUCH I <3 this blog!! Seriously don't EVER STOP!! 😀

  • @JACKIECERA I adore lefashion, she knows this well! I was reading her blog long before she knew mine existed. You're an admirable follower for her, though 🙂

  • whoa whoa! the entire world will soon know the genius of the man repeller!

  • AmyHans

    if it weren't for my weekly dose of grazia, i would not have found this little gem! (i'm not internet savvy enough to seek these things out for myself you see)..

    so thank you polly vernon and of course, the man repeller.
    much love sent from a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, UK.

  • Already loving you and while I like having you as my secret, your pant pissing awesomeness deserves to be shared…

  • Yay for attention! Congratulations! And I ADORE the turn of phrase in that article. "Don't give a fig" is such a lovely image. Figs are far too delicious to go about giving away!

  • Hilarious! Just found your blog and it's great!