Paris Fashion Week, The Olympics of Man Repelling

Looking through the street style images provided by Tommy Ton for and Refinery 29 — courtesy of Mr. Newton — it became rather clear that if ever there was an Olympic ceremony for members of the Man Repelling tribe, it takes place in Paris. (*Editor Note: So what Man Repeller is saying is that Paris is the Michael Phelps of fashion week.) I’d like to substantiate this theory by noting that I studied abroad in Paris last fall. I started this blog last spring after dubbing myself a chronic offender. By the transitive property of geometry, you should be able to infer that Paris outted my man repelling tendencies. It’s not coincidental timing. But it is…

Photo time!

Exhibit A: Denni of Chic Muse wears her usual alien-inspired slicked back top knot but spices it up with a little black Lucite plate. She may or may not double as a satellite.

She surfaces with her bicycle, turban and YSL’s latest shoes at Paris fashion week annually, but this particular week, she wears bright purple liquid leggings, too. Lady boner.
*Editor Note: What about the fact that she’s wearing a MUSTARD YELLOW VELVET jacket? #hello

Big red socks. Big pink skirt. Small white foreleg.
*Editor Note: I secretly hope those are white tights

I love Abbey Lee so much because even when she emulates a polar bear on top and yeshiva school girl gone bad ass combat lady of the night on bottom, she looks bombass.

From left to right. Insane asylum chic. Toilet paper-wrapped open toe booties, kewl. Structured stripes and a pixie cut. And finally, grannie panties plus some nip. You guys should think about selling your virginity on the interwebs, I hear there’s a lot of money there. JK.
*Editor Note: These chicks are one step away from being extras in “Girl Interrupted.”

Oh look! Siamese ass buddies. Thank you American Apparel, for facilitating the latest in their “street-style-me” efforts. The friends that ninja wrap their heads together, stay together. 
*Editor Note: When stumbling upon this photo earlier, the subject of my email to the Man Repeller was “Who are these two douchebags in the turbans?”

I call this one, tales of a little boy at Paris Fashion Week.

AND I HAVE ONE MORE UNRELATED BUT EQUALLY IMPORTANT THING TO SAY: This morning the Bag Snob critiqued Reece Hudson‘s over-sized clutch, she noted its obvious coolness but said it ain’t for her. Then she asked what kind of woman would tote around the 14″ x 9′ “mutch” (she dubbed it a mutch: man-clutch)…while le Bag Snob is pretty much always right, I offer this rebuttal:

a. Handbags are dumb.
b. Especially because of their handle straps.
b2. Who needs hand straps when you have arms
c. Speaking of which, toting around a big ass clutch is good for your arm muscles.
d. It’s also good for being chic.
e. So chic
e2. Moto-chic
e3. Man Repellers can be chic too, ya know.
f.  I’m not going to pretend I don’t use the Oscar de la Renta iPad case as a clutch.
g. So why not just use this, instead?
g2. Lots of people tote around their lap tops and iPads on the regular.
g3. I for one, find that my best blogging takes place while at The Standard’s Le Bain.
g4. iPads rock.
h. If, as the Bag Snob suggests, I hand this over to my man friend, ask him to use it as a “mutch” and he complies, I will start to question his sexuality.
h2. I really can’t afford to do that.
i. It’s just generally cool. And versatile. Wear it during the day, or at night. Get a bang for your buck.
i. Order yours at Kirna Zabete, so we can be matching fancy flamingos of the night.
i2. <3 
i3. That’s a heart.
Because I love you.

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  • there is nothing i adore more than mental patient chic

  • I'm really concerned about the radius of abbey's feet in relationship to the way the REST OF HER ENTIRE BODY is facing. her outfit, however, rulez.

  • As usual, I am both alarmed and amused. Excellent.

  • Like combining man repelling with useless technology so it's exhibit A for me. If I combined that with asylum/mummy/bandage chic I could send messages to my evil twin so that would be good too.

  • Kirsten R.

    Agreed with amilllllionaire. Abbey seems to be able to dissociate her respective limbs.. This probably just adds to the "bombass" thing she has going on.

  • insane asylum AWESOME.

    Man clutches pwn. especially my Man Repelling A.Wang Cher clutch.

  • amen to this post, also love the title. But I LOVE Denni. she's always hot in my opinion

  • Oh GAHD. WONDERFUL. I have snorted an entire cup of tea all over my macbook.

  • Do shemales also get lady boners?

  • Laura–I love Denni too, she's super chic but that doesn't mean she's not a serious Repeller! 🙂

  • Photo #3 – Not white tights. Some of us are really that pale. It's kind of sexy if you like dairy products.

  • Kelly

    Love, LOVE your blog, which a friend pointed out to me this morning…& just as an FYI, I was around the PFW circus, and those girls wearing head-to-toe AA were actually promotional models passing out free [AA] knee socks! Which are surely man-repelling to an extent, only when paired with orthopedic grandma platforms though.

  • Kelly

    ps. the girls in toilet paper shoes were promoting a line called jaquemus, so unfortunately weren't waving the man repeller flag high but just…working.

  • Anonymous

    I am SOO glad the editor's notes have returned!

    – Tessa

  • I absolutly adore this post! So funny and fresh. Love it

  • This has to be my favorite post on your blog! Insane asylum/mental hospital chic is going to be my new look. Now where can I find those white see-through pants?

  • Paris fashion wear are amazing. good looking style. Thanks for sharing this information