No Sex & The City: I’m Under Overalls

For this week’s installment of No Sex & The City, I’m not going to pay attention to you as much as I will myself.
This week(end), I am not having sex because…

I’m waiting for marriage! Duh! JK…I just invested in a pair of 80s denim-sweatpant-blend shorts by 3.1 Phillip Lim. I have a good feeling about my intention to channel Michelle Tanner circa Full House.

And then in a coincidental click, I added a pair olive green cotton blend dungarees by Michelle Tanner, herself Elizabeth & James to my shopping cart.

Net-a-porter says the overalls are a good way to to embrace this season’s utilitarian trend. While that’s all fine and true, it’s important to note that they are far more functional. They will also make going to the bathroom nearly impossible. This is particularly exciting for me because I hate the bathroom anyway.

You can order a pair too and then we can be army-general-inspired celibates of the night. What do you say? Think about how good it will look with Assad Mounser-inspired jewelry that resembles violent weaponry! Very in tune with the entire theme of the trend, just saying.

I leave you with this: overalls shit on companionship. Not sure about denim-sweat-blend shorts, though.

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  • Anonymous

    those celibacy overalls are awesome 😀


  • If you wore those stilettos, I would totally have sex with you.

  • haha, Id love to be your celibacy army jumpsuit buddy!! lol

  • Found you by accident whilst Googling 'vagina shoes' (no, really), and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every single post. Bravo!

  • I don't like overalls but I liked so much seeing that woman wearing those heels because she looks so sexy, she has a perfect long legs.

  • Saidah

    OMG, just reading Yahoo and they were talking about Katie Holmes and overalls and there was a link to your blog and I got all excited that even more people would understand the fabulousness that is you!

  • Anonymous

    i have the same color but mine are shorts comfort is everything now days