Notice: Blog Break Ahead


And if I fall behind in life, you fall behind in life.

I am aware that “sabbatical” in the traditional sense of the word entails more than say, one weeks time, but since we are on the interwebs and this shit’s turnover is FAST, I think the term use here is fairly appropriate.

See ya later alligator! I will come back with really good posts that promise to make you laugh from way down inside and below your belly button. Until then though, I will share this photo of myself squatting on the corner of Avenue Montaigne in Paris last fall.

The facial expression could be credited to the cold climate. Yes I do have a [tweed] coat in my arms, but it didn’t fit over my shoulder pads, which looking back in hindsight is pretty funny. And yes again, those are denim ruffles and floral print tights.

I conclude saying this: if ever you were unsure about the power Paris has over your aesthetic and its ability to transform your “man-getting ways,” know now that you will pick up a knack for MRing. And once you go whack, you never go back.

I’m a poetry minor, FYI.

Just kidding, I’m not.

But I do quite like Henry David Thoreau.

…Smart guy.

Fine, here’s one more photo of my dumb ass practically BEGGING to get street styled at Saturdays last week…

Ankle socks, check. Suede, check. Denim, check. Fatigue, check. Leather, check. Bicycle, check.
Token red head friend in white pants despite dropping temperatures…check.

Get more Humor ?
  • Liv

    It's okay, I'll drink my way through the withdrawal symptoms. I'm an emotional eater too so that should work out nicely.

    Now go forth and repel failure! (Yes, I've started the drinking already)

  • Well, do your thing sweetie… btw, I don't find you repelling at all!

  • WOW, denim ruffles! I don't know if I'll ever be the same.

    G O O D L U C K on those midterms. xo

  • token red head bahahaha


  • Saturdays is my jam

  • way to rock the denim ruffles!

  • Hey I'm on a blog break too! In my case because I'm moving from my native France to NYC. Good luck on finals.

  • Anonymous

    what school do you go to?!

  • Katie

    I HAVE THOSE TIGHTS!! And I love 'em to death.

  • what….i just found you and then you go on a break!!

    (by the way your blog made me laugh, cheers!)

  • heels + lace tights + booty shorts = HOT, and exact opposite of man repelling. Need to try this when it's not 40 degrees out.

  • I MISS MR….and what about those of us who need relief during our midterms??? huh?

  • isabella

    PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE! where's that jacket you're wearing on the second pic from??? its just perfect!!

  • Lots of luck…the schoolwork comes first…blog second. I never follow that rule, but totally understand. You really should have ran into Scott or Garance wearing that outfit. You basically hit every trend this season and deserve some cred.

  • MR

    @isabella that jackets veda, you can get it on shopbop. Love, MR

  • My first comment here: I love your blog, it’s such an inspiring and funny place! Go on like this and Good luck!!!

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