Things That Look Like Vaginas: The Bag that Launched A Million Emails

The second pair o’legs behind this blog and myself separately received an uncomfortably large slew of e-mails and tweets regarding Helmut Lang’s new vagina inspired handbag line. They will be called The Vagbags going forward.

In light of this, I pose the following question to you, tribe members: when you see fancy fashion that bares resemblance to the female genitalia, why be we we be your first thoughts? (*editor note: she’s not as fluent in ebonics as I am.) I’m not quite sure if I brought out the perv in you or if it’s been laying dormant but I’d like to remind you that this blog is called The Man Repeller, not Things That Look Like Vaginas. (*editor note: even though it really should be called Things That Look Like Vaginas. Spinoff?)

In any case though, since you practically begged for it, in the first of a new installment that will in fact be called, Things That Look Like Vaginas, behold: Helmut Lang’s rendition of the PURSSY.

The bag is a particularly good birthday gift to send off to your best friend, you know, if she is me. (No, really, my birthdays right around the corner.) We’d be connected by Helmut Lang, flesh colored leather, and two opposing vaginas on opposite ends of the bag. One can be yours, and one can be mine. If and when I ride the proverbial banana boat, you can unzip my pocket and after your water sport sessions, I can unzip yours. I can’t speak for you, but I speculate my pocket will stay zipped well into next season, and the one after. Perhaps the one after that, too.

I suppose after all, you were right to think of us. (*editor note: #bighug)
See the rest of the collection here

And now, on an unrelated, less crass and equally important note, it seems like the other pair o’legs SOMEONE at WWD is reading this blog. Cue le BCGs.

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  • Anonymous

    where does see the rest of the collection?

  • honestly, if I designed this I'd be ASHAMED. clearly done by a gay man cuz a straight one woulda noticed

  • HA @ Annie.

  • this is too funny!!!


  • Ria

    lol. do not like.

  • Oy, this is too funny. Made me do a double-take.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Ona

    I'm all for Vagina Power, but I even _I_ think this is a bit too much.

    That said, there is such a thing as an accidental VaginaBag: I once had an overnight bag made out of some camel-coloured leather I had around. I chose pinky-mauve silk for the lining without really thinking about it… let's just say that every time I open that bag, I feel very naughty.

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing is…
    Vaginas (second to boobs maybe?) are the least man repelling- body parts imaginable. Why is it that when manifested in accessories/clothing they perform the opposite of what their original counterparts do? Boys aren't going to be reeled in by a fake leather vagina. Who signs off on these things?

  • Cleggster

    Leelee you are funny!

  • Anonymous


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