Things I Learned From Peter Som’s Runway

2. I will wear a bathing suit top with matching print mini skirt come springtingaling.

3. I will give new meaning to the female business suit with neon tweed, retro sunglasses and oxford shirts buttoned to the point of choke-me-to-death-but-look-cool-while-doing-it.

4. Floral blouses and full sea-urchin inspired mini skirts make me want to drink sangria and anything that induces the urge to drink sangria is worth a wear to me. I love this look so hard. SO HARD.

5. I will wear psychedelic prints around people who like tripping on acid, shrooms and things of the sort to give them a kick, perhaps even a hallucination or two.
Man Repeller Warning: Drugs are for idiots. Be above the influence. 
See parents, you can totally share my blog with your children!

And finally, I will dress like a human bubble bath wrapped in satin ribbon. And you will like it.
If you were an attentive reader, you would find yourself wondering what the first thing I learned was. It was this: Peter Som, you are not so good at producing Man Repelling garmentry (yes this is a word I made up, consider it part of the Man Repeller lexicon), but still, I love this collection so hard. 

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  • Why did you start with lesson number 2?

    And what about those shoes? If I wear these platform heels at the risk of falling smack on my face down the subway stairs, do you think it will attract men to come to my rescue?

  • Love is that black skirt and floral blouse.

  • Anonymous

    Where's #1?

  • there's only one thing that I don't like from this fashion world, is model's body, I mean show cloth that normal people are gonna used, but they are to skkiny.