No Sex & The City: Don’t Judge a Woman Until You’ve Walked a Mile in her Genitals

You’re not having sex this week because…

You handed over your LTF (License to Fuck) the moment you bought the genitalia-inspired footwear pictured above, courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti for Thakoon
*editor note: I’ve seen these shoes in the flesh (ha) and they do indeed scream Vagina.

Vagina shoes are cool if you’re into wearing labia labial [*ed] folds on your feet. Everything down to the flesh colored suede is an accurate portrayal of your [abandoned] lady bits. Even the laces up the middle are strategically placed. It’s as if they’re subtly letting the wearer know that if they sport these shoes, their vagina will remain “sewn up” — i.e sex? Not here, pal.

An in-the-flesh image via Refinery29
But a couple of questions linger…

Is Thakoon pulling a Georgia O’Keefe here? (Because as everyone knows, O’Keefe was notorious for her vageen-inspired art.)

Did VPL design this look to compliment the vagina footwear with a furry update?
And lastly: Will you wear vaginas on your feet to compliment your PURSSY clutch? 

A short note: while I was chatting with my lady friend I accidentally referred to the shoes as Thakooks. It was one of the best typos I’ve ever made.
Another short note: I ordered these shoes last week. Duh. 
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