La Unesie

This post is called “La Unesie” and not “The Onesie” because I bought it last month when I was fancy flamingoing around France. The pantaloonytunes and I became one almost immediately after engaging in physical contact with one another at a little market in Juan Les Pins. 

I like infants so I try to channel them as frequently as possible. That’s the real reason I wear cats pajamas onesies. They’re a two for one deal because they function as Man Repellers and bathroom repellers. I’m not particularly keen on Egyptians so I’m not sure how to explain the above pose.

This pose however, captures me in my true state, that is to say engaging in natural douche-baggery.

Got to go eat a hotdog, tootles!

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  • bahaha bathroom repellers…


  • haha 🙂 love the onesie, i agree it must make using the bathroom rather difficult!

  • Anonymous

    If your boobs fall out I think the man repelling aspect of it may be overlooked.

    I love the color.
    And the ruffles.

  • cat's payamas is genius. where do you come up with this stuff?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    ahahaha you are so funny! keep it rizzle, chica

  • GRACIE!!

    just found your blog.
    i am obsessed to the point of no return.
    i just procrastinated my chem hw.
    so badly.
    i just read every single entry in your blog, i swear i am not exxagerating.
    BTW i think your eyebrows are so pretty!

  • Moni

    holy mama, I also just stumbled across your blog and after only 10 minutes of reading I've already spluntered several sips of smoothie over my pc-screen because you made me laugh so hard.
    you rock, sister.

  • I'm lovin' those SHOES!! I need a new pair of red flats

  • Might I suggest "douchebaggervancerie" for future go-to adjective?

  • funny, funny, FUNNY lady.
    Ive added you to my blogroll.
    Much love from Australia!

  • jen

    dig this major! especially since I have the same onesie… except I got mine at Mink in NYC (east village location).

  • Carmelo Johnson

    Hmm, looks actually horrible…

    The style of the “pajama” reminds me

  • Carmelo Johnson

    Waiting for the next season