Guess the Blogger Pose: Self Made Turbans

Look world, even though Hanneli Mustaparta totally black listed my harem-clad ass, I love her. She has a cute language barrier and wears lots of leather and denim. I really like both leather and denim. So it should be no surprise that I’d choose to emulate Hanneli Belli Fofelli to the best of my capabilities for this installment of Guess the Blogger Pose.

I suppose the jig is up on the “guess” part.
Moving forward!

You may be somewhat familiar with the image below, if only because Hanneli and this very turban used to LIVE ON MY BANNER. 

image via
Now, I say this: if Hanneli can wrap a towel around her head and write it off as a turban…
Is the suspense killing you?
How about now?
Here it comes…

This is going to be so anti-climactic for you


There’s no reason why I can’t do the same!
Note: If you intend to DIY, don’t use a wet towel, that shit is heavy. 
Another note: steer clear of small trees
One last note: I’d suggest you stay out of taxi cabs too.
So tell us, fella Repellas, who(choose)wore(me)it(or else)best? Hmm? Hmm?
Winner gets to have my boxcar booties from Opening Ceremony!
JK, no chance I’m giving these to Hanneli. None. Sorry girlfriend.
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  • Totally amazing. Obviously you look the best cos you chose purple! Well done girlfriend! x

  • bahaha! love it.

  • bahahahaha your posts never fail to make me laugh!

  • Of course you wore it best, but who made that dress?!?! That's what I'm into.

  • lfmao at your picture. Purple and beige look great together though, so you're not all hopeless.

  • Amaaaaaazing.

  • You definitely wore it best!

  • oohh love the boots… you, after all fashion is bets done with a sense of humour! x

  • Anonymous

    Aw, shoot. I'm a little disappointed. I'd like to actually see your take on the turban look.

  • As a part of my blog, I explained why I consider reading blogs a hobby. I referenced you twice (I had to limit myself). Your blog is seriously one of my favorites and always makes me laugh out loud.

    And if you were the Hanelli to my Man Repeller…well, I would be quite alright with that.

  • You WIN

    Can I have the disco booties from yesterday

  • i love your blog. and i think you're a fox.

  • Anonymous

    I f'ing laughed soooo hard at that purple towel pic and the comments!

  • I feel like you are one of few people, including Hanneli, who can rock turbans period – regardless if yours are made out of the towel from your morning shower.

    You wear most things best in my mind (and in the minds of readers and the two readers of my blog (i.e. my mom and grandma))

    I also feel like if you are dying to give away your boxcar booties, you should have just called me. Considering that with all the femininity, short skirts and tight tops I have seen attracting men across the city this week, I may be one of the few people in this place still repelling the male species with my knit harem pants…

  • Those shoes are fan-fricking-awesome-tast-a-mazin'. And the towel. Well…

  • Anonymous

    love you princess

  • hahaha you are frickin hilarious

  • Anonymous

    good god, I've wasted like 75% of my day looking/l-o-l-ing at this blog…I've met hanneli on several occasions and she doesn't have a language barrier in person, though yes, her written english is woeful next to your witticisms! she is what you might call 'bright but blank.' duh. love the turban.

  • Gosh i love u so bad

  • calvin

    I like the pictures with towels on their heads. Lovely.