The Clog is Not Dead

I was a bit down on myself yesterday what with the official start of fall marking itself across trees city-wide. You’re right it’s still relatively hot out, but I’m a practical thinker so I think practical things and while I like Navajo on my body, I love cats on my feet. Let me explain:

You see, Miu Miu clogs are silk on top, bleached wood on bottom. I can’t wear that shit into fall, my toes might get cold. But I’ve grown attached to the cat print, I even gave the little critters their own names, like Trojan and Yaz, (this is a birth control reference, do you get it? I’m worried about my joke’s execution.) It’s been difficult to shelf the clogz especially with the recurring thought, will I be able to wear them next spring? Is the clog dead? IS THE CLOG DEAD?

Short note: I’m dog person in real life though, so if ever you intend to buy me livestock, Puppies and ponies please–whether from the farm or Alexander Wang’s fall collection.

I digress.

I speculate Bergdorf Goodman heard the inner-conundrum and thus opted to send wild-life inspired milk maid wear down from Sweden heaven:

Holy abstinence! Leopard print Prada clogs, for fall!
To answer the question you may quest: should my toes find the refuge they seek but have my heel whine like a little bitch because its frozen, I’ll do what any repeller would do AND PUT SOCKS ON. Or line the heel with shearling.

And then confetti flew out of my ass for a week. (Illustration by Amelia)

And so, as it turns out, the clog is not dead.
Good for my feet, bad for my vajeen., Tweet @ManRepeller

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  • Hm what will you do about the "warm toes, cold heel" situation (if cold weather ever gets here)? Or will you up the repelling factor by wearing clogs with socks??!!

  • I was making my poor, poor boyfriend (but for how long? Not very if I keep following in the repellers' footsteps) this site and he mentioned his biggest man-repellent:


    Of course I promptly ran out and bought a bottle of greige nail polish to surprise him, and possibly goad him into running away.

  • I say up the man repelling factor by just wearing them in bed. Sod the seasons. I only wear my high heels in bed…whilst watching Law & Order SVU, only Benson and Stabler are worthy of my designer booties.

  • oh my…….loving the Prada clog!!

  • I think clogs are dead!
    I own a pair, but now I really hate them
    they're everywhere, like a virus xD

  • with a striped pant, they'll be lady boner good 🙂

  • I think you should wear your clogs with woollen socks. Kittens like to play with balls of wool. They might even purr.

  • Yaz will fuck you up! I hope you stay away from that shit. Clogs will never be dead for the Sound of Music singing, lederhosen wearing, '95 middle school loving girls like me.

  • As always you made me piss myself a bit. I cannae get into the clogs thing, tho I 'ppreciate them on others. Leopard print is kinda capable of turning me on to anything tho. Hmm…

  • Trojan & Yaz > Vajayjay

    Viva la clog!

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