Alexander Wang Shows Spring, Men Dispatch

To quote my brother who so eloquently stated over tequila and lime juice last weekend at The Surf Lodge, “why are so many chicks here wearing pharmaceutical coats?” 

Well, gene twin, if you thought that was a flash back to your days at Medical School (psych! He didn’t go to med school but he is a total babe, tweet him for a good time), behold: Alexander Wang S/S2011.

A white cotton jailjumpsuit to match white cotton skin. Equipped with jockstrap.
White vest win. No really, win. 
Holy harem. Legs, it’s look we have another season of vaginal abandonment in front of us. (I don’t mind if you don’t.)
The loose fitting crayola print jumpsuit

…And for a little pop of color, here are a few more monk-inspired gems from the show.

Do note the bleach in those tight ass hair buns.
Also note the mint green track jacket emulating saran wrap.

And to [saran]wrap up, I quote myself, who so eloquently put it to The Daily Telegraph: “ultimately, relationships become obsolete if you don’t have Alexander Wang batting for your team…or in this case, sewing for your body.”

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  • I'm waiting for the jujitsu kicks any second… while holding steaming, bubbling test tubes, of course.

  • LOL ewwww!!!! huuuuge man repeller!

  • LOVE how he managed to stay away from his norm of black and leather for Spring, but sorry, not liking this collection. Yes. Huge man repeller!!!!!!!!

  • it is one of the most important fashion shows in the year, I like the shoes of many of the models!excellent pics!

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