Alexander Wang Meets Elvira and Friends
Though spring collections will unveil themselves equipped with copious amounts of shoulder pad, sequins, floral prints and offensive silhouettes that may function as birth control in just a mere day, I’m still having a hard time getting passed the Alexander Wang Fall 2010 collection(s.)
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Before I continue, it has to be said: While red velvet, torn capes and thigh high knits may dominate the high fashion scene, oily-mop-on-head likely never will.
Disclaimer: when I was living in Paris I tried to let my hair get real oily and grungy so the cool kids would like me better. It rarely worked though I do speculate this is the reason I had no issues at the door chez Le Baron.

Back to the suicidal model. Ultimately all I want to say is this: if she and her sartorial wit don’t scream Elvira 

meets vampire 

meets hooker on 42nd St. corner, I don’t know what does. 

…Actually I do, it’s the film Vampire Hookers which evidently is a pornographic account of hookers who double as vampires. This may perhaps not be as man repelling as it seemed when I started typing.

I will say this though, my heterolifemate spent her weekend walking in and out of Barneys solely because she couldn’t decide to give up food for the month of September in exchange for the dress. Her affinity for repelling is equally–if not more–offensive than my own. It is perhaps unnecessary to include this, but we are DIYing a version of this amazeballz form of man repellent. Yum.

And with that, I say goodnight.

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  • MWM

    undead on

  • me: "i'm on the corner of york and a woman just called me a hooker!"

    you: "why are you on the corner of york?"

    us = calculus. funny post bone head.

  • gah. errrrk. That's it. You've broken my words. I have to go and find some more now.

  • Anonymous

    "I'm still having a hard time getting passed the Alexander Wang Fall 2010 collection(s.)"

    "passed"? Did you mean "past"?

  • Anonymous

    I would like to inform you, oh Man Repeller, that my sugar-daddy is running to the fabric store as I type to purchase some black chiffon and red velvet, as that dress has sold out. This dress does not belong here. However, I appreciate your posting it as otherwise I would not have found it.

  • Anonymous

    Your blog just made me laugh so hard I almost threw up.