Who Wore it Best: The Shoulder Pads vs. Poison

This week’s installment of Who Wore it Best features the coolest white satin blazer known to man kind.

I thought about stopping at the blazer, after all, those are heavy shoulder pads and there is a little baby leopard peek coming out of my wrists but after assessing the situation, I thought this would be a perfect time to pay tribute to someone(s) special so I did what anyone would do, clipped an earring (typically worn as a necklace pendant, I know I know, I am creative as butt) into one ear and threw my best comb over onto the left side of my head. Do note the double watchage.

 So, who wore it best…?

Me or The coolest 1980s cross dressers band Poison?
(A note about this picture: I googled 1980s big hair to find this image.)

I would take a date with any of them but I am particularly partial toward the headband on the far right corner. Call me?

Since I am the nicest butt head on this side of the globe, I’m to make it easy and vote for you… 
The winner is me. In celebration of my epic win, LET’S ROCK OUT WITH OUR FROCKS OUT to the song on all of our minds right here, in this very moment:


Good fight Poison, maybe next time.

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  • Your outfit= amazing amazing amazing.

    Your blog is my favourite. Pure genius. X

  • Wow, wow…that blazer is incredible. It's great paired with those black distressed shorts. And all your accessories…basically this is the perfect outfit. bravo! i actually love you, xx.

  • Anonymous

    Leopard print lined blazer + double watch = awesome.

  • Anonymous

    love the blazer,you Rock!

  • Anonymous

    where is the blazer from?! its so amazing!

  • You've got to tell us repellers where you got that blazer, cuz it is to the moon! Also, I spy an open black umbrella in the corner behind you, what the hell is going on over there?

  • you rock it, lady! fab legs 🙂

  • Anonymous

    So are you going to tell us where that blazer is from or what???

  • Jam out with your clam out.

  • Damn, the guys from Poison are prettier than I am. This doesn't bode well for me…

  • Headband duder, jeez Louise.


    but you look wicked x

  • the blazer rocks, gorgoeus!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that'll repel anyone…