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Tooting My Own Horn, Part 643892

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I don’t have a scanner but I do have a camera phone and it runs on the fastest growing 3G network. If you’re compelled to call me a fancy flamingo, you can do so in the comments. Anyway, lots of good things come out of Finland, like panties that create the illusion that your vagina is furry and magazine features about me! Here is a little baby peek at the little baby feature the cool kids at Elle Finland composed:
As aforementioned, I don’t have a scanner, only a camera phone. Here is the cover of Elle Finalnd’s Fall issue. What’s up, J. Lo. (That isn’t actually J.Lo.) You are cool but bring nothing to the table re: Man Repelling as you are always wearing tight clothes and your ass is bootylicious. 

As aforementioned, I don’t have a scanner, only a camera phone. Here is the little baby Finnish feature featuring yours truly…Le Man Repeller. 

I suspect you don’t read Finnish but since the editor, Elisa Suokko sent me the translation I am a citizen of the world, I do and will translate this for you…it says:

“21-year-old blogger Leandra Medine, who writes The Man Repeller has recently been elected Queen of Finland. She is so damn funny and awesome and cool and we love her guts so hard it makes us want to pee in our harem pants.” 


“What do harem pants, shoulder pads, too many simultaneously worn watched and Alexander Wang shirt-skirts have in common? (Me! The answer is me!) Each of these darling fashion quirks can seriously deteriorate your sex life.

This is what you learn from The Man Repeller, a fashion blog written by 21 year old Leandra Medine who’s been working the fashion field from the age 17. (Shout out to my first boss, Judy Bassaly, director to Marketing & Events at Valentino.) Leandra is not one of those bloggers who bash the ingenius of the new Givenchy collection. (I speculate whether this is a proper English sentence?) Instead, she chooses to bring out the absurdities of our beloved fashion items. Her insightful blog posts about super-cool outfits that make men run and hide make you laugh out loud. (YOU GUYS! Don’t make me blush.) As you can guess, most of the items she writes about hang in her very own closet. (Yeah, duh.)”

So…do you think I’m cool?


If you haven’t done so already, right now is an opportune time to read the entire interview and shop my fall shoe picks HERE

Tootles! Contact:, Tweetertwatter: @ManRepeller

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  • You. Rock. My uber thigh high socks off!!


  • yes. you're awesome. duh.


  • love all of it. you are quite fabulous!

  • You're such a fancy flamingo

  • LITTLE BEAR I AM SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Such a fancy, fancy flamingo you are. Congrats!

  • A couple of weeks ago, I recall thinking to myself, "man, I hope I can be this cool when I grow up" and NOW I've just read that we're THE SAME AGE. Depression is sinking in.

    Just kidding! I am in (hetero) love with you.

  • My nipples are hard over your funny many reppelant… and still a baby!! rockin.

  • you go girl.

  • Love it. You totally, utterly, and completely rock, missy.

    Your blog is awesomeness.

  • 21? Holy shit.
    Way to go on the press, its about time someone's brain is being rewarded.

  • Congrats! God, you're only 21? You're my age. I feel so underaccomplished. But your blog is fucking awesome.

  • you are soo friggen cool! 🙂 hehe

    i really believed that they had written the whole "pee'ed in our harem pants" thing, i was thinking "wow Finnish magazines are so funny!"

    <3 gina

  • Anonymous

    I found you through the Urban Outfitters blog post!!!! And now I'm addicted to your blog.

  • Anonymous

    Leandra???? I thought your first name was "Man"! Here's to your ability to cross generations with humor, flash, and style–when a 64 year-old occasional fella repella(myself) breaks into a sweat waiting for your next post! I follow a lot of blogs, and yours is one of my top faves daily go-to. You nailed my undying devotion with the nose straws. Don't ever stop being unique, hysterical, and wise beyond your years. You am the Walrus! "Goo goo g' joob Goo goo g'ood JOB", girl! Lurve you–you keep me young! KCMO

  • Anonymous

    Imagine that ur blog is read in ecuador by a finnish girl ! i should be stuying spanish at the moment but i just cant stop reading your incredible blogs haha.

    ps. and uhm pretty well done that finnish -english translation

  • Judy Bassaly

    Thanks for the shout-out home girl! it's a surreal moment in life when your former interns become more accomplished thank you. So proud of you. Xxxxx

  • Rickie-Leanne Jackson

    You’re such a clever clogs (in clogs)…

  • Alex

    Imagine! You Cool Girl!