Rock my Ankle Sock
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Among the most unusual trends to ruin a lady’s fall come October: the shoe, the sock, the shoe-sock.

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It is perhaps unnecessary for me to include a small bit about the time I stole black socks from a man friend, but I will include said small bit anyway because a. now you know that sometimes, even Man Repellers have man friends (but they inevitably disappear, rather soon) and b. trends and the like are usually said to “rock socks off,” but this trend, this trend will rock your socks ON.
(b. was a little irrelevant re: stolen man socks but nonetheless important to include.)

Let’s dissect the sock-rock-cock-block for a moment. 
If you think about it, it’s somewhat (read: a lot) counter-functional. Sort of like having fur on the outside of your boot instead of on the inside:

image via somethingnavy

I speculate a Jewish grandmother somewhere in Boca is looking for her hair. She would be devastated to learn it is dragging along the floors of the StyleCaster studio in Manhattan, tied to what look like a reinvented cowboy boot.

I digress. Let’s talk about those counter-functional ankle socks! Chances are the trend will most commonly–as magazine editorials, blogs, and street style sites suggest–be worn with sandals. Now, it’s too hot for socks and sandals in the summer, but too cold for socks and sandals in the winter. What now? WHAT NOW? …I know what you’re thinking, fall and spring, bla bla bla. Consider this: global warming is robbing us of transition seasons. I pose the same question: what now? WHAT NOW?

While trying to solve life’s mysteries, here is a little baby peek at how I will wear my socks and sandals. In the lookbook of my life, there is no such thing as too hot or too cold.

I therefore retract everything previously said. Sorry sucka. Bye!

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  • hahah. too funny. as impractical as socks and sandals are and as horribly wrong as they can go… i love them. very well said. xx

  • i will fully admit to rocking the socks and heels look.
    maybe i've been sucked into trends and will look back on this with shame, but for now, i feel stylin'.

  • I love rocking this look! Good for you!

  • Anonymous

    Umm… Makes me think of Mandals , Can't do it .

  • lol! i love socks & shoes. & you're right, they do repel men, but only the kind of men who gross me out. drive a big truck & wear ed hardy? luckily, thank to my fashion choices i'm invisible to them. guys who are shy, wear glasses, & read comics? hello! i look like snow white in superhero garb!

  • Socks repel men?! Wow, finally my social life (or lack there of) makes sense!

    Socks + the ysl's that sprained your ankle = my fave look ever!

  • JessK

    I back ankle socks so hard!!! they're amazing and man repelling and keep your feet warm and reduce chances of blisters.

    PS. cute bubbie.. I mean shoes!

  • That's one look I really cannot get behind. Are you familiar with a certain type of Japanese porn where girls wear white socks while fucking, and sometimes they rub those said socks in dirt or pour something on them? True story. Every time I see this trend on a young lady, I cannot help but think she's on her way to a video shoot.

  • Anonymous

    My dilemma…

    Shoes with socks, or shoes with sweaty feet that smell. bad.

    Both work as repellers.

  • Stella Mayfair

    mwaaaah! "sock rock cock block" made my day!

  • i like my socks to be super chunky grandfather knits. MAN REPELLING LIKE ITS MY JOB.

  • ahahahha OMG I blogged about white socks look just few days ago.
    My boyfriends is actually into it. I think it might have something to do whith those japanese girls @ Fashion Intel.
    He's clearly a pervert!

  • Anonymous

    this trend is reminiscent of the look that israelis have been donning for ages—teva naot with socks…ALL YEAR LONG

  • I like black ankle sock in girl's leg, it's stylish and flattering to their leg, just in a different way than bare feet. I too wear them with brown loafers and shorts, then go bare feet.


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