MAN REPELLER WANTS YOU! …and Net-a-Porter’s WTF du jour

Since my banner looks like an asshat at the moment (Sorry Miranda, nothing against you, but on the bright side, you are engaged to Orlando Bloom, you fail at Man Repelling) I’ve decided to conduct a little CONTEST!

If you, like me, are a proud weener fender (after all, fella Repellas, we have the privilege of wearing excess Rag & Bone, Helmut Lang, Opening Ceremony, Alexander Wang, Commes des Garcons, ETC without having to wonder why be le lonely in le bedroom) send me a photo of you in your Kraziest with a capital K Man Repelling ensemble and OMFG IT MAY JUST REPLACE HANNELI ON THE LEFT SIDE OF MY BANNER!

Tweet them @ManRepeller or e-mail them to

WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON AUGUST 20TH. IT WILL BE MY BANNER’S OPENING CEREMONY OF SORTS, know what I’m sayin’ know what I’m sayin? While you’re conjuring up outfits, take a look at Net-a-Porter’s WTF of the day…for inspiration, you know.

I love a designer collaboration just as much as the next guy…remember the analogy I shared last week? Opening Ceremony is to Doc Marten as yeast infection into pubic hair. 

On today’s roster of collaborations that erect my lady boner, the pope skins a leopard and Jimmy Choo facilitates the footwear. As I am certain you would expect, Net-a-porter has sold out in nearly every single size. Lucky for moi, size 6 is still available (this is a subliminal message, now you can buy me shoes) so I, for one, still have the privilege of getting a $500 bang for my buck while letting the pope, a leopard, and Jimmy Choo into my home via weener fending footwear loafer. As for you,…

Sorry sucka!

THIS JUST IN: The 6 is now sold out. I’m a sucka too.

*editor note: I want to thank a dear friend (you know who you are) for taking the above screen shot and bringing the “$500-LEOPARD-POPE-CHANNELING-OFF-THE-BOAT-IMMIGRANT-GRANDFATHER-JIMMY-CHOO-HOUSE-SLIPPERS” to my attention.

Contact:, Tweetertwatter: @ManRepeller 

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