A Mathematical Equation that Involves Neon Googly Eyed Fur
image via BleachBlack
Would you wear this purse? If the answer is yes, I beg one question: (hey, me too! Great minds think alike, eh eh) BUT WHY? 
I’ll answer for myself by saying that I for one, am particularly partial toward the purse because it is reminiscent of a mixture of my leading-Lady-Gaga ca. Bad Romance. 
And that time she wore Kermit the Frog.

You see, Lady Gaga has always reminded me of Barbies and Kermit

…And Barbies and Kermit remind me of infancy

…And infancy reminds me of onesies

 images via StyleSightings

…And onesies are quite literally THE CATS PAJAMAS! 

(And the official uniform of she who repels men.) 

So you see, boys and girls, at the end of the day, everything reverts back to one thing and one thing only. 

And that is, following me on Twitter, #shamelessplug.

Just kidding, silly gooses…it’s still about my shoes and a baby pony. It will always be about my shoes and a baby pony.

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  • Anonymous

    this post sounds drunker than usual.

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahaha!!! I agreee, drunker than usual hahaha… but I still love it, and love you, u are the best!!! haha…

  • your adorable


  • You're killing it with your 1000+ twitter followers! That neon purse reminds me of the those little toys that were around in the 80s – like a furry fry kid, you know? They were a furry ball with two googly eyes and 2 feet. Does anyone remember these? I didn't like them, but I do remember them!

  • Anonymous

    @Fashion Intel
    I think they were called Weebles
    They had sticky feet so you could stick em' to your desk at school.