Guess the Blogger Pose: Snorkling Sex Monsters of The Sea

Pixie cut and Hilary Clinton inspired pant suits aside, I love Karla and her closet just as much as the next guy, if not more. Like Rumi, she is the substance by which my soul is made.

She adorns her tweed with ka ching ka ching bling bling bling…

And wears leopard print ninja headscarves, ones not unlike those of my other heterolifemate…you know who

She shows us how to channel John Stamos circa Full House in over-sized distressed denim

And lets us see photos of how nice her dad’s Daytona Rolex looks on her.

This is a particularly good way to have your public relate with you, Karla. I mean, whose father doesn’t have a Rolex!?!?!

More important than all of these things though, Karla has a heart full of love, and gives us a peek into her family vacations…

Rawr, hello snorkling sex monster of the sea!

That said (the part about being a snorkling sex monster of the sea) I beg one question, and one question only…

Who wore it best?

And more important than who wore it best…

Who swam it best?

Karla, I love you, but I think the winner here is obvious. I’m swimming on grass. No hard feelings, I’d still go gay for you.

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Told you I was foreshadowing.

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  • how your muscles must have ached after that carbio busting postition of laying flat on your tummy whilst lifting all of your head & legs & arms clean off the floor.
    No need for Yoga classes here –
    scuba diving on grass is the new fat buster !

  • Ya, you totally win… love it <3

  • I fucking love this blog- I read every single inch of it, sometimes twice. And I laugh every time. And that says a lot, because usually I'm a blog skimmer. Thank you for writing this.

    <3 natale eve

  • Fuck I love this blog – here are some f-ing ungly shoes you may like:



  • I'll keep with the "fucks"…fuck, I wish you were my daughter!

  • Alana

    I love your blog. I hope it becomes a sitcom like Shit my Dad Says and 27bslash6. You may have to write a book first. I would buy one for everyone I know.

  • You obviously swam it best. Speaking of Dads, mine buys t-shirts on sale for 99 cents at the local Super A grocery store. Classy, right? I love the guy.

    PS Long live Jessie and the Rippers!

  • LOVE this blog. LOVE.

  • Man this blog is fucking awesome. If I met you I'd force you to be my friend. Sorryyy no choice in the matter.


  • Anita N.

    Holy shit, I can't get enough of your blog…this was particularly good because I love Karla! Lol, "who's Dad doesn't own a Rolex?!?!"- genius. 😀

  • Ok, who’s father doesnt have a Rolex? if you find any, send them to Bob’s Watches!! haha. we have plenty to sell them. I like the snorkel photos on the grass.

  • OMG please bring these back! Hahahahah I’ve never seen this one but it’s hilarious!