The Drop Crotch Utility Pants
image via Maya Ojalvo

Generally speaking, I like to stand against red brick walls in Nolita and wait for say, Mr. Newton or Scott Schuman to swing by, fall in love with the juxtaposition of my pants against the wall and START SNAPPIN! My friend someone else took this photo.

Sooo, remember that thing I taught you? Should you have the attention span of a chipmunk, I will quickly refresh your memory:

While I’m no math wiz I can attest that getting street style photographed = your outfit is man repelling. You may not be able to see, but the crotch on my utility pants is pretty stinkin’ low. Every time I walked on this day, I felt my thighs uncomfortably rubbing against one another. They were crying, “please, we just want some proper pants.” I thought about lending more respect to my body but at this point I don’t even know where my real crotch is anymore.

The above photo may not look so bad from the front, (though evidently, my face was nothing special, see below)

…but the rear view is a real broom cracker. Know what I’m sayin, know what I’m sayin?

I’ll quickly conclude saying this: if you’re thinking “what a silly hermaphrodite, she looks so cool, how is that a Man Repeller? Ask yourself this: Am I a woman? A fashion forward man? Maybe a gay one?” If you are any of the above three, thank your artistic eye and move along.

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  • the definitely look good from the front but pretty hideous from the back. saggy butt is never a hot look. i do kind of like them though… maybe just with a top that is longer at the back but still fitted (tucked in) at the front. as you appear to have done in the top photos. paired with a grey sweatshirt (last photo) probably not a good idea. where are these trousers from?
    p.s. gorgeous bag/shoes. xx

  • My mother calls drop-crotch trousers 'poopy pants'.

  • i love your pochette!!

  • @eyecollector – I also call them "poopy pants" so I think that's enough people to officially call them that. I mean, it looks like there is a diaper in there!

    Leandra, what are you storing in those pants?

  • Anonymous

    They just look plain horrible, but then so do the same similar skinny jeans that puny little guys seems to wear these days also, absolutely ridiculous and not flattering in anyway EVER.

  • hilarious! because that is exactly what i was thinking! you're adorable anyway.

  • The real problem is that I see nothing wrong with these. The words dying to come out of my mouth are along the lines of: "Pull down the crotch! Pull down the crotch!"

    …New sport for the Man Repelling streets of New York?

  • jaimie

    I lovvveee your shoes
    I have a pair of sass and bide jeans in this exact cut with two giant holes in the knees.

    I love them. I am single.

  • i love your shoes! where did you buy them? i need a pair now.

    also my boyfriend loves my drop crotch jeans and brogues. and he bought me a blazer with shoulder pads, he thinks it's cute 🙂

  • Hi people! The shoes are from Barneys, they're Alex Wang and the drop crotch pants are from Zara. HOPE THIS HELPZ.

  • Oh god I want those ass-lengthening pants. And your shoes!!! Where did you get those shoes! (I'm very curious to know if they are also man repelling…)

  • Oh I just realised you posted that info above…. so distracted by your pants.

  • If those are Zara's, I have those exact pants. The sad part is, I didn't even realize how dropped the crotch was until I got them home. I wear them anyway, and every time I put them on, my boyfriend gives me a very disapproving look.

  • I bought a pair of pants just like this today….also, WHERE can i get my hand on THOSE SHOES!? every time you post a picture of you wearing them, my heart wimpers a little.

  • i want what she's wearing said…
    Oh I just realised you posted that info above…. so distracted by your pants.

    SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 8:09 PM

    what she said.

  • Love this! Great pants and love the shoeies!

  • This actually looks terrific, and it must be a sign of the times that I didn't even notice that they were drop-crotch.

    Are we that unfamiliar with the female form?
    I feel sorry for my boyfriend sometimes….

    Freaking love your blog. I know its good one when I want to read the text, a opposed to just clicking next to get through my bloglovin… 😉

  • B I G B A L L S N E E D R O O M

  • Anonymous

    OMG seriously you are 21? You look at least 36! TOTAL MEN REPELLER

  • Anonymous

    WTF is wrong with people??????

    DROP CROTCH PANTS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • De La

    Totally cute