MRDJ: Shagadelic Purssy Clutch

Are you in the market for a brand new clutch? One not unlike the darling displayed below?

You know, bright green background adorned by a neon yellow, blue and pink floral pattern, made from genuine vintage fabrics…pretty cute, right? Wrong. Because once the Purssy opens up…

Goodbye grandma florals, hello clitoris! Your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you and neither am I. That is an anatomically correct vagina…also made from vintage fabrics.

There’s only one left in stock at Etsy and it’s running for $115. We think it’s particularly useful for ladies who like to store their money, credit cards, ids, cellphones, keys, etc inside their vaginas because they can still do just that without having to a. spread their legs b. stretch their goods.

Should you find yourself lusting after the silk vajeen, unsure of what to store in her, we’d suggest panty liners and mace spray…maybe even a gnome. Also, if ever you’ve wanted a piercing to your clit, this is the perfect test dummy.

The last thing(s) I will say is(are): hehe, you’re going to finger yourself every time you reach in to peruse Purssy. And, this is a good way to let a man stick it to you without actually giving up your oath of celibacy.

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