MRDJ: Power Suit, Leopard Print

This jacket is a loaded gun. I don’t mean that figuratively. If ever you have wondered why they call the female blazer/pant combination a “power suit” reason seems to rest in its uncanny ability to kill our Y-chromosome counterparts. In the event murder by sartorial fail is your steeze, Ramona West’s silk leopard over-sized blazer can be yours for just $55! Unfortunately, those batty red lips, the sandal-sock combo and that sumo-status topknot don’t come included.

We’ll support you, let your psycho safari flag fly.

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OMFG, THIS JUST IN: Thanks to dedicated Repeller in crime, Tiyana, we have learned that the leopard power jacket comes equipped with leopard faces embedded into the print. Faces! See for yourself:

If that’s not enough to get your lady boner blasting, we don’t know what it is.

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  • really, the platform sandals with the socks are the worst for me. THEY'RE SANDALS! So annoying. Some socks with some heels/shoes totally work but I'm not a fan of sock/sandal combo. YUCK.

    Yeah, the whole thing is just stupid.

  • I love socks. They are my special man repelling weapon. Socks with everything! (however, the color is all wrong.) Nothing better than socks to bed in the winter… yep, I'm single! Love your blog…

  • My boyfriend HATES leopard print and doesn't understand its appeal. Of course I've got a whole rack of it and try to wear it every other day.

    Socks and sandals/heels are the most gnarly thing in the universe. They're almost pornographic, but in a really BAD way.

  • The jacket IS bad, very bad. But its the topknot that really takes this to Level Repellent.

  • I read that as leopard FECES! I thought maybe the print was made with dung. Which couldn't be any worse.

  • Is

    I always sucked at those optical illusion things, so I guess it's no wonder that I can't see the leopard faces…

  • I can't seeeeee the faces. *pouts* I see a bulldog snout though.