MRDJ: Green Lips. And Nails. And Hair.

 I’ve already referred to a previous post as Queen of The Jungle, but I’d like to retract that anointment and replace it here. And it’s not only because she’s got a leopard labia.

To have that much green part of ones beauty regimen (note the highlights, lips, and nails!) takes a special kind of skill. A skill that not everyone possesses, one that is usually found on the Irish shore, or on one of Keebler’s elfs.

And that is all I will say about that.

Speaking of labias though, my partner in crime (See: DIY: From Man Repeller to Man Getter) tried to upload a link to her facebook page a few days ago. When prompted with the usual security “enter both words below” box, this is what appeared:

I’m no gynecologist and I’m certainly not a sexpert but if this isn’t a tell tale sign that SOMEONE needs to take a short trip to pleasure town, you know, heat her loins, mark the motion of her ocean, ride the banana boat….I don’t know what is.

I do know one thing, though. Actually two. Number one, I keep trying to type into the text box, even though it’s a screen shot, I’ll file that one under brain repeller. And two: silly bands are the shit!

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  • Errrrk. the green is FREAKING me out. Did she drink the drain cleaner?

  • Anonymous

    I bet she be big in Jamaica!

  • Anonymous

    I legit thought I had to enter poorer labia into that box in order to keep reading. Actually, that wouldn't be a bad thing to install on here to get a clear understanding of readership…

    Impoverished Minora

  • Silly you, she was just attending Comic Con, where thousands of fan boys clamor to see The Queen of the Jungle and the comic mastermind who created her.

  • OH MY GOD!
    my BFF came back from Jamaica with those little gummy bracelets shaped like farm animals and i was so pissed she didn't get any for ME.
    she's a lesbian, is this a coincidence…?

  • Anonymous

    This watch is amazing. I can see that it is by bvlgari, but what is the model/name? It is breathtaking.