La Roux vs. The Troll

I love La Roux just as much as the next guy, if not more. I even saw the band perform at Terminal 5 a couple months ago. It was there, during Elly Jackson’s performance of hit song “I’m Not Your Toy” that I stopped in my tracks while enjoying her tracks (ba da ba, chhh.)

I couldn’t help but question the lyrics. “I’m not your toy,” she sang.

“Hm, really now?” thought me.

Photo evidence below suggests otherwise.

If you find yourself wondering which image is of La Roux’s lead singer Elly Jackson and which is of an orange-haired troll, we are swimming in the same sea of confusion.

I’m over-dramatizing, it’s pretty obvious who is human and who is not. Still, there’s something to be said about the striking resemblance. We’ll file this baby under hair twins right next to Dora the Explorer and Anna Wintour.

A note about La Roux: I’d go gay for you, Elly Jackson. I mean it. And I love trolls. I grew up collecting them. Which come to think of it, probably explains a lot of the problems I had as a pre-pubescent Boy Repeller.

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