Happy Friday!
Rain got you down? 
My jumpsuit will make you feel better. 
And if it doesn’t? 
Why, gear eyes toward the Northern region of my body and behold my…super hair!
Friday has officially been renamed INCRIMINATING PHOTO DAY! 

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  • Anonymous

    I can't. This is what you look like:


    You did great.

  • Darling shoes.

  • Northern regions ? Hair ?? Absolutely stunning :-))) I feel reminded of the 1976's …when a school friend had her stuff fluffed up like this.
    All comes back again. And again 🙂
    But you look waaayyys better then she did !

  • Digging that whacky jumpsuit, and my aren't you attractive! I cannot even imagine that you're repelling men but I'll go along with it!

  • Julia

    AWESOME! You are hilarious and wonderful!

  • You're effing hot.

  • I wish I was at home so I could guffaw out loud to the hilarious snatches of man repeller posts that I'm reading covertly at work while multi-tasking and also writing the IT section of an information memorandum. I'll give you one guess at which one is more fun.


  • where did you get that onesie ?