Get the Look: Saturday Night Fever

Over the weekend, @WhoWhatWear begged the question: If you were going to an ’80s themed party, what would you wear? I found myself dumbfounded when I looked down at the metallic shoulder padded blazer on my body and answered (to myself, no less) “this, I guess.” Note: This installment of Get the Look hits two birds with one stone: learn to channel John Travolta ca. SNF, AND look like a douche bag while doing it! 

photo by Simon Chetrit
A disclaimer about this picture: If it were up to me, I would have gone all out John Travolta ca. 1977 ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive Saturday Night Fever for shooting purposes but since the photographer–my friend Simon who prefers his alias–The Dorkasaurus wouldn’t let me pose in motion or point one arm at the ceiling while popping my hip (and I quote: “don’t you think that’s a little excessive?”) I had to stand like a decent human. Don’t let the picture fool you though, I am anything but human!

A disclaimer part 2 about this picture: When I came out wearing the silver Rag + (no) Bone(r) blazer with my favorite silk HAREM PANTS The Dorkasaurus laughed and said “seriously?”

Seriously indeed.

A disclaimer part 3 about this picture: I wasn’t actually wearing this when WhoWhatWear tweeted about a disco-themed party. It’s near 1 million degrees in New York, are you crazy or something? I punk’d you.

A disclaimer part 4 about this picture: I don’t really know why I’m standing with my legs spread open, I may be projecting. Projecting what, you ask? I won’t answer.

photo by Simon Chetrit

A disclaimer part 6 about this photo: you’ve assessed correctly on two counts. 1. I am in fact, a fool. If only because two large pillars separate my dining room from living room. 2. I believe I just wrapped reasons 1 and 2 into reason no. 1.

A disclaimer part 7: There was no disclaimer part 5, hehe. READ ATTENTIVELY.

Ultimately, my point is to say this: John Travolta circa 1977…

Does not equal John Travolta circa 2010.

Also, anyone that can shake his hips like that–picture 1, not 2, (see: SNF, Grease)–can’t be straight. Can’t be. Can he?

Regardless John, I’ll always be your Sandy.

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  • Hold the Phone! I need to catch my breath. You.. Are… So… GASP… Funny!
    I'm not dyeing or taking a whiff of my oxygen tank, I'm LAUGHING!
    Keep up the Hillarity!

  • Very funny blog…but is that where you LIVE? in NYC? That seems really fancy, I think it's the columns.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you renting my grandmother's UES apartment???

  • We need more pics of your apartment… Asap.

  • Do you live with your parents? I cant see u picking that stuff out…

  • HelsBells

    Probably a typo on your part but the first photo of John Travolta is actually circa 1977.

    Here's Travolta circa 1997:

  • Anonymous

    Ehhhh…..I love your apartment. Proper old-school classy.
    If it's your parent's make them move out, not you.

  • Anonymous


  • I like you. and I'm not just saying it cause I'm drunk…
    guess who?
    you rock!

  • this is hilarious. and i am also, like everyone else, in awe of your apt. seriously?!

  • What's worse is that I scrolled up from the bottom and thought that was Steven Seagal!!! ROFL

  • HI-larious! And I second (or third or fourth), nice pad, despite the unusually placed pillars, and questionable ownership!