Decorate Your Lady Bits with Vattoo

The Gloss has become the source of many a man repelling concept, object, and/or accessory. Today though, those crazy kids win the award for bringing to my attention the most Man Repelling way one can tamper with her vagina. I bring you, vattoo-ing. Unlike clitter, vattoo will not turn your labia into a YAYbia…and unlike Vajazzle, your yeast infection will not become jewel confection.

I will promise you something though. Your vajeen will become uh, something to be seen. There’s a Spa in Manhattan “bikini inking” vaginas. They call themselves laser specialists but from evidence the image above suggests of this man’s beard, made up of a vattoo-victims PUBIC HAIR I’d say they need to re-assess that which they specialize in.

I’ll have to pass on having a sweatband-clad bearded man hanging out on my uterus. It’s not very characteristic of a self-proclaimed Man Repeller and I stay true to my alias. Instead, I will continue maintaining my oath of celibacy the old fashioned way, shopping at Opening Ceremony and on Net-a-porter.

If you however, decide you can’t live another day without letting your poon’s freak flag fly, head over to Completely Bare and then send a picture! Just kidding, please don’t. Keep that shit to yourself.

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  • Anonymous

    After my morning I didn't think it was possible to smile but thanks to you I'm LMAO. Thank you!

  • jajajajajajajajaj

  • uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Do you want cheech, or chong?

  • no mames qe puto asco! cuanto pinche pelo no mames! F:

  • Laura Falck


    I just have to announce another member-group for this blog, those of us who have been with the same man for over 10 years (like me). The sartorial possibilities are wide open when you no longer have to worry about "man-getting" and can just freak out your current love!

    My favorite are comments are when I'm leaving the house to go out,"I just saw butt-cheek when you bent over"…priceless
    Gotta keep them mystified ladies!

  • Anonymous

    Thank God he's not poking his tongue out!

  • Anonymous

    Or how about the ZZ Top dudes. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    L O L

  • Anonymous

    IM HONESTLY PEEEINGGG FROM LAUGHING SO HARD (well not rlly peeing, that would be gross) YOU ARE A FUCKING GENIOUS.