Two Pairs of Denim in One

Blogger ‘Is Mental’ posted a photo of the above jeans (she cleverly dubs them “Split Decisions”) last week and one of Man Repeller’s resident offenders sent us the link with a little note attached: “uh yep, I’d say these are pretty MR.” In this context, the acronym can mean both Man Repeller and Mental Retardation.

The jeans are made by a Japanese designer. They’re supposed to be unisex and function as a solution for fickle people who can’t decide whether they feel like wearing skinny or boyfriend fit jeans. Because apparently, wearing both fits together can solve any sartorial problem. Skinny on one side! Jared-from-Subway on the other! We’re going to suggest that wearing these pants will create an entirely different thread of problems. Ones we may not be able to help you with.

The real knee-slappers here though, are the comments underneath Is Mental’s post. One woman said “ugh, I love these jeans! I have my eye on a purple pair.” Another said “these are rad. Period.” And all one more female could muster out was “H.O.T,” capital letters, punctuation et al.

We hereby dub “Split Decisions” Human Repeller of the century. Fine, not century, but week for sure.

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* We’re thinking of DIYing a blazer and inserting one heavy, aggressive shoulder pad into one side and leaving the other arm’s shoulder empty. We will use said blazer while out conducting our next social experiment. We speculate the response may read something like this: From the mangos: “One time, when I was in Equador, I met a woman who had a feces growing out of her shoulder, I never thought I’d see it in the U.S. though.” or simply, “Is that a tumor?” And from the womangos: “OMFG, I love your jacket! Is it Balmain?” Why yes, yes it is.

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