A Short Note from The Dressing Room at Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman sale season induces many a lady boner. That’s why it’s no surprise that when fellow a Man Repeller and I stopped by for a quick shop n’ run yesterday, we found ourselves gravitating hard toward the racks of Alexander Wang, Gryphon, Helmut Lang, and Current/Elliott. In the event you’re not quick on the uptake and haven’t yet started following our fine asses on Twitter, see below to find out what happens when you throw two chronic Man Repellers into a dressing room.

And a short note for male readers: this may be the only time a female takes you into her dressing room and you feel compelled to poke your eyes out. Sorry…NOT.

Who wouldn’t spend $1200 on an outfit that includes a sweatshirt made entirely of star shaped heavy sequins and a pair of sweet scaley board shorts (see: There’s a Party in Your Pants). As my co-editor so accurately put it: “you look like Stephanie Tanner getting ready for a dance recital.” Unfortunately, I don’t have curly blond bangs…and it’s not 1991.

I’m so damn excited about Superbowl 2014 coming to New York City, I wanted to ensure I had something to wear from early 2010. And in the event I’m thrown onto the field? Thank you, Alexander Wang for facilitating this very appropriate ensemble. I’d say this screams “tackle me, Brett Favre” pretty clearly. Winky wink.

Shoe salon:
I ran into my co-editor browsing the shoe racks at BG. She was looking around frantically, hoping no one she knew was in the same proximity. I noticed a collection of shoes hidden between her arms and under her purse. I asked her what the shit she was doing and then she showed me the collection of shoes she was getting ready to try on.

All photos courtesy of my fancy Blackberry.

Return of the feline print. It doesn’t get old. Additional footwear included: Barbie pink glitter Louboutins, Floral print Miu Miu clogs, and Valentino pumps adorned by heavy feathers. This should better explain why she was hiding the footwear.

And while we’re on the topic of shoes and sales…

Look, Alex. I don’t mean to give you complexes or anything, but you may be taking your creative license a little too far. These are worse than the Timberlands Manolo Blahnik recreated for J.Lo.

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  • favorite post to date… take me in your dressing room more often 🙂

  • puh-lease tell me you left with that Alexander Wang jock-gone-woman about-town sweatdress…Man Repelling or not, it fit you like a baseball glove.

  • Loving your blog, but Brett doesn't tackle 😛 Jared Allen does. Google him and be amazed.

    A die hard Minnesota Vikings fan.

  • Anonymous

    You use a Blackberry! I recently heard on the radio that a study was conducted in which it was found that iPhone users get way more action than Blackberry users. Maybe you just need to switch phones. Who knows, you might just start wearing sleek lines, solid colors and clothes that are easy for men to "figure out". Your Blackberry may be making you crazy.

  • Anonymous

    or iPhone users are just used to lying.