Opening Ceremony’s Fall/Winter Look Book is a Collection of Outfits that Will Ensure the Death of Your Sex Life

And naturally, we’ve already wish-listed the entire damn thing. Lady Boner in full effect.

All images via nitro:licious
Homeless hooker: Look #1 layers jacket upon uneven-hemmed transparent sweater upon black bandeau and duty-length skirt to actively portray the homeless hooker look. Don’t let the garments distract you too much, there is something to be said about cobalt blue lace up sneaker wedges. Not gym (or life) appropriate.
Sexy librarian…hold the sexy:
Because a long sleeve, floor length gray and black striped dress isn’t Man Repelling enough, Look #2 incorporates a pop of color via buttoned-to-the-top oxford and fatigue sweater vest; to take the librarian look to a new level of epic fail. Nursing shoes not included.
Velvet explosion says it all for Look #3, all we will add to this tag line is: she looks like she is in the midst of being shot via gun, not camera.

At least we can recognize that when we get dressed, we look like asshats.

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    Hahaha. Homeless hooker.