MRDJ: Jezebel Posts About ‘Period Pieces’

We’re taking a short break from having our Man Repeller du Jour appear in the form of offensive-to-the-mangos clothing and paying tribute to one of the funnier websites on the world wide web: Jezebel. Though we’ve documented a hefty bit of Man Repellage thus far, Jezebel gave us a serious run for our money (and tampons) when they posted Period Pieces earlier today. We’re not talking about Pride & Prejudice, Schindlers List, any of that junk…we’re talking about the real tear jerkers, the epic Oscar performances, the real Period Pieces. Menstruation Scenes from 27 Different Movies. Yes it’s true, little cinematographers and tap-dancers alike…Aunt Flow is in town and she plans to stay.

The story offers a 7 minute video that documents the bloody vagina scenes from all 27 movies.

Though period talk and the visuals that accompany it are guaranteed Man Repellers, human repellers, and life repellers, the best part about this article was what came after it: a flood (hehe) of reader comments about personal experiences. Below, a few favorites we’ve compiled and renamed: “The Virutal Vagina Monologues:”

“Well, this is curious. I’m due to get my period now, but nothing doing.

“I’ve known of women menstruating in the shower and it’s happened to me once.”

“Got mine on a family vacation in Mexico… cut to my mother yelling through the door our hotel room about how to put in a tampon while I cried and put it in, cardboard applicator and all so I could wear my new bikini and go swimming. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to do this once a month for the next 50 years or so, haha”

“Did anyone actually ever get a drippy first period? Mine was much more like the “wtf is that on my underwear?!?” scenes then the blood oozing down the leg ones. Not that I doubt it’s possible, necessarily, it just doesn’t seem like it would be that common? Unless it is.

“Is having a period where you full on drip onto the floor that common? The only time I have that is when I get in and out of the shower.” 

Well, if I was looking to eliminate traffic from the male population…by golly! I think I’ve done it.

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