MRDJ: Erdem’s Silk Floral Print Shorts

Go ahead Erdem, make my day.

Holy ruffle! Last night, one of our beloved twitter followers tipped us off about a ruffled tablecloth pair of shorts on sale at Saks that her boyfriend best described as a “place mat, not shorts.”

We’d say they function more like a pretty silk garden intended to cover the vagina, but place mat is fine too. Naturally, we lurve them.

…But yes you’re right, there is something to be said about the probably-size-0-model looking like daisy thunder thighs. 

Since we’ve been going all out, Flinstone leopard prints and ripped up sweater shirts…we’ll probably have to refrain from buying these busty n’ bold beauties but if you can’t live without them, click here, buy yours, and let us know how many men slit their throats at sight of your waist.

Condoms, shmondoms…ruffled shorts.

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  • Anonymous

    but I NEED those shorts.

  • they look like the plastic apron my grandmother used to wear while doing housework…and I still want them? issues.

  • i mean the side ruffle might be a bad move, but i looove printed shorts! boys ruin all our fun 🙂

  • "Condoms, shmondoms…ruffled shorts."

    That sentence made my day.

  • Cool!! very cool!

  • Great post! Thanks a lot!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have these shorts and absolutely adore them. The fabric is so beautiful in person and the construction is impeccable, they are fully lined in silk satin.